Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goldmine International Speech and Table Topics Contests

Saturday was Goldmine Toastmaster's International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest.
Joyce Preston, our always-cheerful President, welcomed all 19 members and 7 guests (WOW!). The room was busting at the seems!

Rajesh Gopalakrishnan led the contests as 1st time Contest Master (and did an absolutely FABULOUS job!). Sam Mullis did a wonderful job behind-the-scenes as the Contest Chairman.

The table topics contest was first. The question was "What sign of spring would you be?" The contestants included: Richard Archer, Steve Boles, Alex Porter, Cynthia Randolf, and Sonny Tolbert. All answered the question well and did a great job!

1st place: Steve Boles
2nd place: Richard Archer
3rd place: Sonny Tolbert

The International Speech Contest included the following contestants (in the order they spoke):
1- Alex Porter - "Ain't Right"
2- Steve Boles - "The Gift: A Lesson I Learned in Acting Class"
3- Al Minter- "Start with a Vision"
4- Sonny Tolbert- "Unemployed - Again"
5- Serena Haneline- "Overcoming Fear"
6- Bill Battermann- "A Great American"

1st place: Steve Boles
2nd place: Sonny Tolbert
3rd place: Bill Battermann

Members in attendance:
Rajesh, Sam, Joyce, Betty, Matthew, Phyllis, Steve, Kim, Karen, Serena, Jerry, Al, Alex, Insook, Cynthia, Richard, Sonny, Bill and Shyam

Guests in attendance:
Tracy Threatt- President of Yawn Patrol Toastmasters
Ted Thomas- VP of Membership of Yawn Patrol
Glenda Teams- Disctrict Secretary (congratulations on your engagement to Tim Edwards, Area 24 Governor!!)
Ken Miller- Division B Governor (and Chief Judge)
Willie Nodine (most special and beloved guest)
J.D. Collier (first time visitor)
Venkat Raman (Shyam's father)

Special thanks to the Timers: Karen Boothe and Joyce Preston and Ballot Counters: Jerry Weikle and Sam Mullis, as well as Sergeant-At-Arms, Matthew Charity.

  • Area 24 International Speech and Table Topics Contests: Monday, March 19 at Troutman's BBQ in Concord, 7 p.m.
  • Divison B Contests: Saturday, April 14 at Grace Covenant Church in Cornelius, 12 p.m.
  • District 37 Contests, Thurs-Sun, May 3-6 at Great Wolf Lodge (Spring Conference)
Please make every effort to attend the above contests either as volunteers (timers, ballot counters or judges) or as part of the audience! 

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