Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/11/2012 Goldmine TM meeting

Members attending this week were Rajish, Serena, Matthew, Phyllis, Steve, Joyce, Al, Jerry, Shyam, Bill, Sam, Sonny, Alex, Cynthia, Insook, and Amy. There were no guests in attendance.

The president, Madam Joyce Preston called the meeting to order at 8:33 PM. Cynthia presented the thought of the day and introduced Rajesh as the Toastmaster.

Serena presented the joke of the day.  Shyam kept us all on time, while Jerry carefully monitered our Ahs and other crutch words. Al presented the word of the day:  urbane - polite, refined, and ofteh elegant in manner.

Joyce led the table topics:

Matthew, If someone gives the same card as last year, how do you respond?  Be thankful for the card and the thought behind it.
Alex: Do you like movies or books where the characters live happily ever after? Alex confessed that he enjoyed chick flicks.
Amy: If you receive the perfect valentine present, what would it be? The perfect valentine gift is a humongous bunch of flowers.
Sam: If your valetine is alergic to chocolate, perfume, and other traditional valetine gifts, what do you give? My valetine loves to eat out, So I take her out to dinner, and give her a gift card tlo Appleby's

The first prepared speaker was Sonny, who defined a leader as a visionary.
The second was Bill who encouraged us all to continue to grow.

Following the break, Insook evaluated Sonny, and Phyllis evaluated Bill.

Jay Johnson and his wife both have cancer.
Betty Walker's husband is in the hospital expecting triple bypass surgery.  Betty cannot visit because she has the flu.

Monday Feb. 13, The Mayor of Kannapolis will present a proclamation honoring Jay Nodine for his community service to the city of Kannapolis. Arrangements have been made for a dinner at the Forty Six restaruant following the proclamation ceramony.

We have club contests scheduled for the regular meeting on Feb. 25. Judges, timers, and other contest officials are needed.

The Area contest is March 19th at Troutman's BarBQ.

Jay Johnson who has attended Gold mine as a guest a few months annually for several years (He lives in Florida and visits this area) was voted into the club as a honorary member.

This weeks Awards:
Table Topics:  Sam Mullis
Speaker:  Bill Batterman
Evaluator:  Phyllis Kombol
Ah: Insook Lee.

Minutes prepared by Serena Haneline and entered in the blog by Sam Mullis.

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