Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goldmine International Speech and Table Topics Contests

Saturday was Goldmine Toastmaster's International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest.
Joyce Preston, our always-cheerful President, welcomed all 19 members and 7 guests (WOW!). The room was busting at the seems!

Rajesh Gopalakrishnan led the contests as 1st time Contest Master (and did an absolutely FABULOUS job!). Sam Mullis did a wonderful job behind-the-scenes as the Contest Chairman.

The table topics contest was first. The question was "What sign of spring would you be?" The contestants included: Richard Archer, Steve Boles, Alex Porter, Cynthia Randolf, and Sonny Tolbert. All answered the question well and did a great job!

1st place: Steve Boles
2nd place: Richard Archer
3rd place: Sonny Tolbert

The International Speech Contest included the following contestants (in the order they spoke):
1- Alex Porter - "Ain't Right"
2- Steve Boles - "The Gift: A Lesson I Learned in Acting Class"
3- Al Minter- "Start with a Vision"
4- Sonny Tolbert- "Unemployed - Again"
5- Serena Haneline- "Overcoming Fear"
6- Bill Battermann- "A Great American"

1st place: Steve Boles
2nd place: Sonny Tolbert
3rd place: Bill Battermann

Members in attendance:
Rajesh, Sam, Joyce, Betty, Matthew, Phyllis, Steve, Kim, Karen, Serena, Jerry, Al, Alex, Insook, Cynthia, Richard, Sonny, Bill and Shyam

Guests in attendance:
Tracy Threatt- President of Yawn Patrol Toastmasters
Ted Thomas- VP of Membership of Yawn Patrol
Glenda Teams- Disctrict Secretary (congratulations on your engagement to Tim Edwards, Area 24 Governor!!)
Ken Miller- Division B Governor (and Chief Judge)
Willie Nodine (most special and beloved guest)
J.D. Collier (first time visitor)
Venkat Raman (Shyam's father)

Special thanks to the Timers: Karen Boothe and Joyce Preston and Ballot Counters: Jerry Weikle and Sam Mullis, as well as Sergeant-At-Arms, Matthew Charity.

  • Area 24 International Speech and Table Topics Contests: Monday, March 19 at Troutman's BBQ in Concord, 7 p.m.
  • Divison B Contests: Saturday, April 14 at Grace Covenant Church in Cornelius, 12 p.m.
  • District 37 Contests, Thurs-Sun, May 3-6 at Great Wolf Lodge (Spring Conference)
Please make every effort to attend the above contests either as volunteers (timers, ballot counters or judges) or as part of the audience! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 18, 2012 Goldmine Meeting

I, unfortunately, didn't get to experience this meeting, but here is what went down on Saturday.

Joyce Preston opened the meeting as Presiding Officer and Richard Archer shared a Thought of the Day, introducing the Toastmaster of the Day, Sam Mullis. Mike Hall shared a joke as Jokemaster. Other roles filled for the day: Insook Lee as Timer, Karen Boothe as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, and Sonny Tolbert as Grammarian/Wordmaster (word of the day: "zeal").

Table Topics Master, Matthew Charity gave three interesting table topics.
  • John Shepherd talked about the following: "Warren Buffet gives you a million dollar and you have to donate 90% of it to charities and keep 10%."
  • Kim Jackson talked about the interesting topic: "You are feeding popcorn to birds in a park and the birds ask when the movie is being shown."
  • Sonny Tolbert talked about "If you could travel in time, where would you go and why?"
 The following were the prepared speakers:
  1. Cynthia Randolph gave her Icebreaker speech (time: 6:20).
  2. Amy Beam gave her Icebreaker too (time: 7:00)
  3. Phyllis Kombol spoke from the Successful Club series speaking on "Why is Goldmine Called a Distinguished Club?"
Jessica Keyes evaluated Cynthia (time: 3:14)
Shyam Narayan evaluated Amy (time: 2:50)
Jerry Weikle evaluated Phyllis (time: 3:04)

Best Table Topic Speech: Kim Jackson
Best Speaker: Phyllis Kombol
Best Evaluator: Shyam Narayan
Ah Stick: Amy Beam

Meeting ended at 10:07 a.m. Reminder: Next week is our Club International Speech and Table Topics Contest. Come and enjoy. If you can help be a judge, ballot counter, or timer, please let Joyce Preston know ASAP. Much thanks to Jerry Weikle for recording the minutes!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/11/2012 Goldmine TM meeting

Members attending this week were Rajish, Serena, Matthew, Phyllis, Steve, Joyce, Al, Jerry, Shyam, Bill, Sam, Sonny, Alex, Cynthia, Insook, and Amy. There were no guests in attendance.

The president, Madam Joyce Preston called the meeting to order at 8:33 PM. Cynthia presented the thought of the day and introduced Rajesh as the Toastmaster.

Serena presented the joke of the day.  Shyam kept us all on time, while Jerry carefully monitered our Ahs and other crutch words. Al presented the word of the day:  urbane - polite, refined, and ofteh elegant in manner.

Joyce led the table topics:

Matthew, If someone gives the same card as last year, how do you respond?  Be thankful for the card and the thought behind it.
Alex: Do you like movies or books where the characters live happily ever after? Alex confessed that he enjoyed chick flicks.
Amy: If you receive the perfect valentine present, what would it be? The perfect valentine gift is a humongous bunch of flowers.
Sam: If your valetine is alergic to chocolate, perfume, and other traditional valetine gifts, what do you give? My valetine loves to eat out, So I take her out to dinner, and give her a gift card tlo Appleby's

The first prepared speaker was Sonny, who defined a leader as a visionary.
The second was Bill who encouraged us all to continue to grow.

Following the break, Insook evaluated Sonny, and Phyllis evaluated Bill.

Jay Johnson and his wife both have cancer.
Betty Walker's husband is in the hospital expecting triple bypass surgery.  Betty cannot visit because she has the flu.

Monday Feb. 13, The Mayor of Kannapolis will present a proclamation honoring Jay Nodine for his community service to the city of Kannapolis. Arrangements have been made for a dinner at the Forty Six restaruant following the proclamation ceramony.

We have club contests scheduled for the regular meeting on Feb. 25. Judges, timers, and other contest officials are needed.

The Area contest is March 19th at Troutman's BarBQ.

Jay Johnson who has attended Gold mine as a guest a few months annually for several years (He lives in Florida and visits this area) was voted into the club as a honorary member.

This weeks Awards:
Table Topics:  Sam Mullis
Speaker:  Bill Batterman
Evaluator:  Phyllis Kombol
Ah: Insook Lee.

Minutes prepared by Serena Haneline and entered in the blog by Sam Mullis.

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 4, 2012 Toastmaster Celebration

What a GREAT day to be a Toastmaster! Not only did we have a fantastic meeting - it was topped with an Induction Ceremony, acknowledgement of Goldminers accomplishments, and Amy Beam, our guest walked out the door our newest member! I had to take a nap when I got home.
Jerry Weikle conducted the Induction Ceremony welcoming Rajesh, Karen and Cynthia. Those Toastmaster lessons are really paying off as he was professional, poised and polished ! Welcome new members.
Sonny graciously filled in as Toastmaster as Al basked in the Florida sun. We love you Sonny but we want to be with Al!
Insook gave us a very insightful Thought of the Day while Cynthia humored us with her frog story.
Karen did a great job explaining the timing and Rajesh warned us about our, well, you know, like, um , oh yeah, the Ahs.
Kim filled one of her favorite roles as Grammarian, a position full of listening challenges.

Jessica, full of caffeine today, took our Table Topics to a full blown Morning at the Improv. (Am I the only one who remembers that show?)
Phyllis - Stan the Karate Man & Insook - the Dancing Robot were in the kitchen discussing their plan to clean the yard.

Tony - Earl the Cowboy & Cynthia - Julie the Party Planner were watching tv, on the roof, on the phone, planning a way to hoist Earl's horse up to join them. They must be watching Mr. Ed.

Kim Jackson - Julie the Party Planner & Amy - Stan the Karate Man had cakes to deliver while walking their dogs, in the rain. I'll never h I don't think that I can take, cause it took so long to make it, & I'll never have the recipe again is still stuck in my head!

The speeches haven't begun and I'm already exhausted. Off for a bike ride!

Serena - To Bike or Not to Bike, That is the Question (Don't do it Serena)
Matthew - William Henry McCullough (What a touching tribute)
Shyam - Being Clueless (then do not, I repeat, do not ride a bike with Serena)

Tony evaluated Serena, Jerry evaluated Matthew and Mike evaluated Shyam. Kim is saying, too much redundancy in that sentence Joyce.

Sonny, Jerry, Serena , Sam and Shyam were honored for their their successful completion of major projects. Thanks for remembering Phyllis! You're very kind!

Who won today? Well everyone who came to Goldmine Saturday and participated in the learning and laughter lab. If you don't believe me, ask our General Evaluator, Sir Richard Archer!

Best Table Topics - Tony & Cynthia
Best Speaker - Serena
Best Evaluator - Tony
Ah Stick - Mike

Next week, Rajesh will be our Toastmaster for the 1st time! They grow up so fast!

Now get out there and speak up!