Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goldmine Meeting - Saturday, January 28

Today's meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m.

Members in attendance: Matthew, John, Joyce, Karen, Kim, Serena, Richard, Shyam, Steve, Betty, Alex, Insook, Rajesh, Sonny, and new member Cynthia Randolf. Guests included Barbara Ottavio and Kemp Edwards.

Presiding Officer: Joyce Preston opened up the meeting. New member, Cynthia Randolf, gave a scriptural Thought of the Day and introduced the Toastmaster of the Day, Shyam Narayan. Insook Lee shared a joke. Other roles: Timer: Kim Jackson, Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Sonny Tolbert, and Grammarian/Wordmaster: Rajesh Gopalakrishnan.

Table Topics Master, Serena Haneline, gave the following table topic questions:
  1. Betty Walker answered the question "If you could solve any great mystery, which one would you solve and why?" She said she would solve the mystery of enjoying an appetite without gaining weight.
  2. Cynthia Randolf answered, "If you could go back in time and talk to yourself at the age of 10, what advice would you give?" She said she would tell her 10-year-old self to just go buy the Pepsi and not to spend the extra money her mother gave her on candy. 
  3. Insook Lee answered the question, "If you cold bring one famous person back to life, who would it be and why?" Her answer was Gandhi for his nonviolent resistance. 
Prepared speakers were:
  • Steve Boles, from Humorously Speaking manual #4, titled "My Most Embarassing Moment" (time: 6:29)
  • Alex Porter, from Speaking to Inform #1, titled "Peeler House" (time: 7:25)
  • Joyce Preston, from Successful Club Series titled "The Importance of Keeping a Commitment" (time: 10:38) - disqualified
 General Evaluator, Matthew Charity, introduced the evaluators:
  • John Shepherd evaluated Steve Boles (time: 3:13)
  • Richard Archer evaluated Alex Porter (time: 1:49)
  • Karen Boothe evaluated Joyce Preston (time: 2:42)
Best Table Topic Speaker: Betty Walker
Best Speaker: Steve Boles
Best Evaluator: John Shepherd
Ah Stick: Cynthia Randolf

Business Meeting:
  1. Brian Woolf is no longer able to maintain membership at Goldmine due to travel
  2. Bill Battermann had rotator cuff surgery; doing well
  3. Feb. 13: Mayor will give a Proclamation for Jay Nodine at 6 pm at the Kannapolis Train Depot. (Dinner at Forty-Six Restaurant may follow: please let Joyce know if you can attend)
  4. Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund award given in honor of Jay Nodine
  5. An award in memory of Jay Nodine to begin (to be given to a Toastmaster who reaches out to the community)
  6. Feb. 25: International Speech and Humorous Speech contests (please let Joyce know if you are interested in participating in the contest or volunteering with it)
  7. Next week's Toastmaster: Al Minter (please confirm roles with him)
Meeting adjourned at 10:12 a.m.

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