Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday Jan 21st

We had pretty good attendance compared to the last week. We also had 3 guests for the session  

Members attendees:
1.    Serena
2.    Sam
3.    Phyllis
4.    Jerry
5.    Sonny
6.    Shyam
7.  Karen
8. Joyce
9. Mike 
10. Jessica
11. Alex
12. John
13. Insook
14. Rajesh
15. Steve 
16. Betty

Our guest, Cynthia Randolf returning for second time was warmly welcomed. Other guests were Ken Miller and Glenda Jeans.

Joyce opened the meeting, welcomed the guests and introduced Mike Hall. Mike Presented the thought of the day, led in the pledge of allegiance, and introduced Sam Mullis as the toastmaster of the day. Shyam entertained us with a great joke about "How one would know if they have been a toastmaster for long". John Shepherd explained his role as timer, followed by Alex Porter who explained his role as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Betty Walker presented the word of the day and explained his role as Grammarian. 

Jerry Weikle led the impromptu portion of the meeting as Table Topics Master. The speakers were:
1.    Insook Lee - Your car is dirty and its raining outside. Should you still wash the car?
2.    Glenda Jeans - What is the best way to get the attention of the congress. 
3.    Steve Boles - Cruise ship you were on capsizes, would you expect a refund?
The three prepared speakers were:
1.    Karen Boothe who was giving her Ice Breaker speech. Her speech title was "Dear Brooklyn." 
2.    Rajesh spoke from the competent communicator manual speech three - make your point. His title was "Six degrees or six clicks of seperation."
3. Phyllis Kombol spoke from the better speaker series - toastmaster education pros. Her title was "Lets keep the train on track and move forward."
All the speakers qualified and were eager to hear the feedback.

Following the break, Jessica Keys led the evaluation portion of the meeting. Karen (4-6) was evaluated by Sonny, Rajesh (6-8) was evaluated by Serena, and Phyllis(10-12) was evaluated by Joyce.
All the evaluators qualified. 

Joyce as the presiding officer led a brief business meeting. 
a. Ken Miller - Gave a gift certificate to GoldMine from Toast masters International for being a Presidents Distinguished club for consecutive years. He was also standing for Lt. Governor of Education and Training for the next term and asked for support at conference. 
b. Phyllis handed out the spring conference registration forms and explained the advantages of attending the same. Also, requested for volunteers for the event. 
c. Joyce gave an update on Bill Battermann who had a surgery on Jan 17th. 
d. Glenda also requested support as she was standing for Lt. Governor of Marketing. 
e. The Tall Tale and Intl. Speech contest was on Feb 25th. All members who have completed 5 speeches can participate. 
f. Joyce showed the placard which showed all the Toast Master Leadership and communication awards won from this area. The placard would be placed in the historical society Museum in memory of Jay Nodine. 
g. There would be a new members induction on the first sat of February and awards presentation. 

Shyam would be the toastmaster for the next meeting and the word for the day is "Abstain"
Alex was called to make award presentations. 

Award winners were:
1.    Best Table Topics - Steve
2.    Best Speaker - Karen
3.    Best Evaluator - Joyce
4.    Ah Stick - Joyce and Phyllis.
Alex  adjourned the meeting at 10:13am .

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