Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Jan. 7

Much thanks to Past Secretary Jerry Weikle for stepping in and taking minutes for this meeting!

In attendance:
  1. Sam Mullis 
  2. Alex Porter
  3. Insook Lee
  4. Jessica Keyes
  5. Mike Hall
  6. Jerry Weikle
  7. Sonny Tolbert
  8. Lee Johnson
  9. Al Minter
  10. Joyce Preston
  11. Bill Batterman
  12. John Shepherd
  13. Betty Walker
  14. Karen Boothe
  15. Phyllis Kombol
  16. Matthew Charity
  17. Rajesh Gopalakrishnan
No guests present

Presiding Officer: Joyce Preston
Toastmaster: Matthew Charity
General Evaluator: Sonny Tolbert
Thought of the Day: Rajesh Gopalakrishnan
Jokemaster: Alex Porter
Timer: Lee Johnson
Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Jessica Keyes
Grammarian: Karen Boothe (first time! Go Karen!)

Table Topics Master: Bill Batterman
Table Topics Theme: "The Tribe of Goldmine"
  1. Sam Mullis answered "What is the collective effervescence of the Goldmine club?"
  2. Betty Walker answered "How does vocal grooming work in the Goldmine club?"
  3. Joyce Preston answered "How does reverse social dominance work in the Goldmine Club?"
Table Topics Winner: Sam Mullis

Prepared Speakers:
  1. Mike Hall: CC #5 "Your Body Speaks": "Improv Imagination" (time: 9:56)- qualified
  2. Jerry Weikle: CC#10 "Inspire Your Audience": "Why Should I Care?" (time 10:30)- qualified
  3. Insook Lee: No manual, a professional speech: "What Is Pastoral Care?"
Best Speaker: Jerry Weikle

  1. Al Minter evaluated Mike Hall
  2. John Shepherd evaluated Jerry Weikle
  3. Phyllis Kombol evaluated Insook Lee
Best Evaluator: Al Minter

"Ah" Stick Award Winner: Mike Hall

Business Session:
  • TLI next week (Jan. 14). NEED VOLUNTEERS (Jessica needs help in the bookstore)
  • Spring conference in May. Sign up online at http://toastmasters-nc.org/conference.
  • Reviewed next week's schedule: Toastmaster: Serena Haneline. Sign up for roles!

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