Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Jan. 14

  1. Attendance was a little low this week because of TLI at Cannon School, but as always many nuggets were shared by all who attended.

    Members attending:
1.    Serena
2.    Sam
3.    Kim
4.    Phyllis
5.    Jerry
6.    Sonny
7.    Al
8.    Shyam
9.    Bill
10.  Karen
Our guest, Cynthia Randolf was warmly welcomed.

Phyllis opened the meeting and introduced Bill Batterman. Bill Presented the thought of the day, led in the pledge of allegience, and introduced Serena as the toastmaster of the day. Serena's theme was Martin Luther King, Jr. Karen began with a entertaining and humerous joke. Sonny explained his role as timer, followed by Jerry who explained his role as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Shyam presented the word of the day and explained his role as Grammarian.

Al led the impromptu portion of the meeting as Table Topics Master. The speakers were:
1.    Cynthia Randolf - Imagine you had the power to change anything in the world.
2.    Shyam - Imagine you are a genuis
3.    Karen - Imagine you are a bird
4.    Sonny - Imagine you can make a difference
The two prepared speakers were:
1.    Sam who spoke from the CC manual project 10, inspire your audience. His speech title was "Make a Difference."
2.    Kim spoke from the advanced manual Humerous Speaking. Her title was "Thank You Dear Deer."
 Following the break, Phyllis led the evaluation portion of the meeting. Sam was evaluated by Bill and Kim was evaluated by Karen.

Phyllis as the preseding officer led a brief business meeting, and called Jerry to make award presentations.

Award winners were:
1.    Best Table Topics - Cynthia Randolf
2.    Best Speaker - Sam Mullis
3.    Best Evaluator - Bill Batterman
4.    Ah Stick - Bill Batterman.
Jerry adjourned the meeting.

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