Monday, January 2, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Dec 31

Happy New Year!!!!

Our New Year's Eve Toastmaster meeting was awesome as always! 18 people were in attendance today, including our longtime "guest" Jay Johnson, and guest Logan Burchette. 

Joyce Preston presided over the meeting as Kim Jackson took on the role of Toastmaster, leading a fabulous and joyous meeting. We learned that a New Year's resolution goes in one "year" and out the other!

Rajesh told his first joke as Jokemaster (great joke!). Betty gave a wonderful thought: "An unexamined life is not worth living...and an unlived life is not worth examining. What would you do if you didn't have to do it perfectly? The answer: A great deal more than you're doing now!"

Serena timed the "events" of the day, Phyllis listened for good grammar and the Word of the Day: "meritorious: deserving of honor," and Insook listened for the notorious "uh" and "and so" as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter.

Lee Johnson led the Table Topics with some simple, yet interesting questions:
  • Jay Johnson: "What are your New Year's resolutions?"
  • Sonny Tolbert: "What do you think about the Samoa's decision to skip a day as they change time zones?"
  • Karen Boothe: "What do you expect in the new year?"
  • Betty Walker: "What did you accomplish this year?"
TABLE TOPICS WINNER: Betty Walker (who accomplished nothing this year: Go procrastinators!)

Prepared Speakers:
  1. Alex Porter, speaking from AC manual: Storytelling, #2: "It's Good Enough for Me," talked about the technology challenges of today and his adventures with a GPS as he tried to find a restaurant in Midland. (time: 8:54; 6-8 min. speech)
  2. Joyce Preston, speaking from AC manual: Specialty Speeches,#1, "What's A Woman to Say?" spoke off the cuff with the topic: New Year's Resolutions. We learned that New Year resolutions came about in 153 BC by Janus, the two-faced Roman god and that the top five resolutions included sleeping more, eating healthier, and keeping a journal of awesome moments). (time: 7:15; 5-7 min. speech)
  3. John Shepherd, speaking from CC, #7, "Just the Facts on Political Gridlock," talked only on the facts of political gridlock, including the motivation of gridlock, as well as some positives and negatives. We found out politics is 99% votes, and 1% money. (time: 9:14; 8-10 min. speech) 
BEST SPEAKER: John Shepherd 
    Richard Archer evaluated Alex with a time of 1:51
    Sam Mullis (welcome back Santa) evaluated Joyce with a time of 2:49
    Jerry Weikle evaluated John with a time of 2:53
    BEST EVALUATOR: Richard Archer

    *No "Ah" Stick winner for the second week in a row! Either our ballot counters aren't listening, or we're getting better with our verbal fillers! (Or maybe a little bit of both?)

    • TLI: Jan. 14 (Cannon School). Still need some volunteers for set up and clean up. There will be both morning and evening sessions (repeat sessions). Let Joyce know if you can volunteer.
    • Sonny informed us that Jay Nodine got to see and touch our new banner before he passed. 
    • Reviewed next week's meeting: WE NEED A TOASTMASTER!!! Serena cannot fulfill the Toastmaster role because of having to leave early. If interested, please email Phyllis!

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