Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goldmine Meeting - Saturday, January 28

Today's meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m.

Members in attendance: Matthew, John, Joyce, Karen, Kim, Serena, Richard, Shyam, Steve, Betty, Alex, Insook, Rajesh, Sonny, and new member Cynthia Randolf. Guests included Barbara Ottavio and Kemp Edwards.

Presiding Officer: Joyce Preston opened up the meeting. New member, Cynthia Randolf, gave a scriptural Thought of the Day and introduced the Toastmaster of the Day, Shyam Narayan. Insook Lee shared a joke. Other roles: Timer: Kim Jackson, Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Sonny Tolbert, and Grammarian/Wordmaster: Rajesh Gopalakrishnan.

Table Topics Master, Serena Haneline, gave the following table topic questions:
  1. Betty Walker answered the question "If you could solve any great mystery, which one would you solve and why?" She said she would solve the mystery of enjoying an appetite without gaining weight.
  2. Cynthia Randolf answered, "If you could go back in time and talk to yourself at the age of 10, what advice would you give?" She said she would tell her 10-year-old self to just go buy the Pepsi and not to spend the extra money her mother gave her on candy. 
  3. Insook Lee answered the question, "If you cold bring one famous person back to life, who would it be and why?" Her answer was Gandhi for his nonviolent resistance. 
Prepared speakers were:
  • Steve Boles, from Humorously Speaking manual #4, titled "My Most Embarassing Moment" (time: 6:29)
  • Alex Porter, from Speaking to Inform #1, titled "Peeler House" (time: 7:25)
  • Joyce Preston, from Successful Club Series titled "The Importance of Keeping a Commitment" (time: 10:38) - disqualified
 General Evaluator, Matthew Charity, introduced the evaluators:
  • John Shepherd evaluated Steve Boles (time: 3:13)
  • Richard Archer evaluated Alex Porter (time: 1:49)
  • Karen Boothe evaluated Joyce Preston (time: 2:42)
Best Table Topic Speaker: Betty Walker
Best Speaker: Steve Boles
Best Evaluator: John Shepherd
Ah Stick: Cynthia Randolf

Business Meeting:
  1. Brian Woolf is no longer able to maintain membership at Goldmine due to travel
  2. Bill Battermann had rotator cuff surgery; doing well
  3. Feb. 13: Mayor will give a Proclamation for Jay Nodine at 6 pm at the Kannapolis Train Depot. (Dinner at Forty-Six Restaurant may follow: please let Joyce know if you can attend)
  4. Ralph C. Smedley Memorial Fund award given in honor of Jay Nodine
  5. An award in memory of Jay Nodine to begin (to be given to a Toastmaster who reaches out to the community)
  6. Feb. 25: International Speech and Humorous Speech contests (please let Joyce know if you are interested in participating in the contest or volunteering with it)
  7. Next week's Toastmaster: Al Minter (please confirm roles with him)
Meeting adjourned at 10:12 a.m.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday Jan 21st

We had pretty good attendance compared to the last week. We also had 3 guests for the session  

Members attendees:
1.    Serena
2.    Sam
3.    Phyllis
4.    Jerry
5.    Sonny
6.    Shyam
7.  Karen
8. Joyce
9. Mike 
10. Jessica
11. Alex
12. John
13. Insook
14. Rajesh
15. Steve 
16. Betty

Our guest, Cynthia Randolf returning for second time was warmly welcomed. Other guests were Ken Miller and Glenda Jeans.

Joyce opened the meeting, welcomed the guests and introduced Mike Hall. Mike Presented the thought of the day, led in the pledge of allegiance, and introduced Sam Mullis as the toastmaster of the day. Shyam entertained us with a great joke about "How one would know if they have been a toastmaster for long". John Shepherd explained his role as timer, followed by Alex Porter who explained his role as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Betty Walker presented the word of the day and explained his role as Grammarian. 

Jerry Weikle led the impromptu portion of the meeting as Table Topics Master. The speakers were:
1.    Insook Lee - Your car is dirty and its raining outside. Should you still wash the car?
2.    Glenda Jeans - What is the best way to get the attention of the congress. 
3.    Steve Boles - Cruise ship you were on capsizes, would you expect a refund?
The three prepared speakers were:
1.    Karen Boothe who was giving her Ice Breaker speech. Her speech title was "Dear Brooklyn." 
2.    Rajesh spoke from the competent communicator manual speech three - make your point. His title was "Six degrees or six clicks of seperation."
3. Phyllis Kombol spoke from the better speaker series - toastmaster education pros. Her title was "Lets keep the train on track and move forward."
All the speakers qualified and were eager to hear the feedback.

Following the break, Jessica Keys led the evaluation portion of the meeting. Karen (4-6) was evaluated by Sonny, Rajesh (6-8) was evaluated by Serena, and Phyllis(10-12) was evaluated by Joyce.
All the evaluators qualified. 

Joyce as the presiding officer led a brief business meeting. 
a. Ken Miller - Gave a gift certificate to GoldMine from Toast masters International for being a Presidents Distinguished club for consecutive years. He was also standing for Lt. Governor of Education and Training for the next term and asked for support at conference. 
b. Phyllis handed out the spring conference registration forms and explained the advantages of attending the same. Also, requested for volunteers for the event. 
c. Joyce gave an update on Bill Battermann who had a surgery on Jan 17th. 
d. Glenda also requested support as she was standing for Lt. Governor of Marketing. 
e. The Tall Tale and Intl. Speech contest was on Feb 25th. All members who have completed 5 speeches can participate. 
f. Joyce showed the placard which showed all the Toast Master Leadership and communication awards won from this area. The placard would be placed in the historical society Museum in memory of Jay Nodine. 
g. There would be a new members induction on the first sat of February and awards presentation. 

Shyam would be the toastmaster for the next meeting and the word for the day is "Abstain"
Alex was called to make award presentations. 

Award winners were:
1.    Best Table Topics - Steve
2.    Best Speaker - Karen
3.    Best Evaluator - Joyce
4.    Ah Stick - Joyce and Phyllis.
Alex  adjourned the meeting at 10:13am .

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Jan. 14

  1. Attendance was a little low this week because of TLI at Cannon School, but as always many nuggets were shared by all who attended.

    Members attending:
1.    Serena
2.    Sam
3.    Kim
4.    Phyllis
5.    Jerry
6.    Sonny
7.    Al
8.    Shyam
9.    Bill
10.  Karen
Our guest, Cynthia Randolf was warmly welcomed.

Phyllis opened the meeting and introduced Bill Batterman. Bill Presented the thought of the day, led in the pledge of allegience, and introduced Serena as the toastmaster of the day. Serena's theme was Martin Luther King, Jr. Karen began with a entertaining and humerous joke. Sonny explained his role as timer, followed by Jerry who explained his role as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. Shyam presented the word of the day and explained his role as Grammarian.

Al led the impromptu portion of the meeting as Table Topics Master. The speakers were:
1.    Cynthia Randolf - Imagine you had the power to change anything in the world.
2.    Shyam - Imagine you are a genuis
3.    Karen - Imagine you are a bird
4.    Sonny - Imagine you can make a difference
The two prepared speakers were:
1.    Sam who spoke from the CC manual project 10, inspire your audience. His speech title was "Make a Difference."
2.    Kim spoke from the advanced manual Humerous Speaking. Her title was "Thank You Dear Deer."
 Following the break, Phyllis led the evaluation portion of the meeting. Sam was evaluated by Bill and Kim was evaluated by Karen.

Phyllis as the preseding officer led a brief business meeting, and called Jerry to make award presentations.

Award winners were:
1.    Best Table Topics - Cynthia Randolf
2.    Best Speaker - Sam Mullis
3.    Best Evaluator - Bill Batterman
4.    Ah Stick - Bill Batterman.
Jerry adjourned the meeting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Jan. 7

Much thanks to Past Secretary Jerry Weikle for stepping in and taking minutes for this meeting!

In attendance:
  1. Sam Mullis 
  2. Alex Porter
  3. Insook Lee
  4. Jessica Keyes
  5. Mike Hall
  6. Jerry Weikle
  7. Sonny Tolbert
  8. Lee Johnson
  9. Al Minter
  10. Joyce Preston
  11. Bill Batterman
  12. John Shepherd
  13. Betty Walker
  14. Karen Boothe
  15. Phyllis Kombol
  16. Matthew Charity
  17. Rajesh Gopalakrishnan
No guests present

Presiding Officer: Joyce Preston
Toastmaster: Matthew Charity
General Evaluator: Sonny Tolbert
Thought of the Day: Rajesh Gopalakrishnan
Jokemaster: Alex Porter
Timer: Lee Johnson
Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Jessica Keyes
Grammarian: Karen Boothe (first time! Go Karen!)

Table Topics Master: Bill Batterman
Table Topics Theme: "The Tribe of Goldmine"
  1. Sam Mullis answered "What is the collective effervescence of the Goldmine club?"
  2. Betty Walker answered "How does vocal grooming work in the Goldmine club?"
  3. Joyce Preston answered "How does reverse social dominance work in the Goldmine Club?"
Table Topics Winner: Sam Mullis

Prepared Speakers:
  1. Mike Hall: CC #5 "Your Body Speaks": "Improv Imagination" (time: 9:56)- qualified
  2. Jerry Weikle: CC#10 "Inspire Your Audience": "Why Should I Care?" (time 10:30)- qualified
  3. Insook Lee: No manual, a professional speech: "What Is Pastoral Care?"
Best Speaker: Jerry Weikle

  1. Al Minter evaluated Mike Hall
  2. John Shepherd evaluated Jerry Weikle
  3. Phyllis Kombol evaluated Insook Lee
Best Evaluator: Al Minter

"Ah" Stick Award Winner: Mike Hall

Business Session:
  • TLI next week (Jan. 14). NEED VOLUNTEERS (Jessica needs help in the bookstore)
  • Spring conference in May. Sign up online at http://toastmasters-nc.org/conference.
  • Reviewed next week's schedule: Toastmaster: Serena Haneline. Sign up for roles!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Dec 31

Happy New Year!!!!

Our New Year's Eve Toastmaster meeting was awesome as always! 18 people were in attendance today, including our longtime "guest" Jay Johnson, and guest Logan Burchette. 

Joyce Preston presided over the meeting as Kim Jackson took on the role of Toastmaster, leading a fabulous and joyous meeting. We learned that a New Year's resolution goes in one "year" and out the other!

Rajesh told his first joke as Jokemaster (great joke!). Betty gave a wonderful thought: "An unexamined life is not worth living...and an unlived life is not worth examining. What would you do if you didn't have to do it perfectly? The answer: A great deal more than you're doing now!"

Serena timed the "events" of the day, Phyllis listened for good grammar and the Word of the Day: "meritorious: deserving of honor," and Insook listened for the notorious "uh" and "and so" as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter.

Lee Johnson led the Table Topics with some simple, yet interesting questions:
  • Jay Johnson: "What are your New Year's resolutions?"
  • Sonny Tolbert: "What do you think about the Samoa's decision to skip a day as they change time zones?"
  • Karen Boothe: "What do you expect in the new year?"
  • Betty Walker: "What did you accomplish this year?"
TABLE TOPICS WINNER: Betty Walker (who accomplished nothing this year: Go procrastinators!)

Prepared Speakers:
  1. Alex Porter, speaking from AC manual: Storytelling, #2: "It's Good Enough for Me," talked about the technology challenges of today and his adventures with a GPS as he tried to find a restaurant in Midland. (time: 8:54; 6-8 min. speech)
  2. Joyce Preston, speaking from AC manual: Specialty Speeches,#1, "What's A Woman to Say?" spoke off the cuff with the topic: New Year's Resolutions. We learned that New Year resolutions came about in 153 BC by Janus, the two-faced Roman god and that the top five resolutions included sleeping more, eating healthier, and keeping a journal of awesome moments). (time: 7:15; 5-7 min. speech)
  3. John Shepherd, speaking from CC, #7, "Just the Facts on Political Gridlock," talked only on the facts of political gridlock, including the motivation of gridlock, as well as some positives and negatives. We found out politics is 99% votes, and 1% money. (time: 9:14; 8-10 min. speech) 
BEST SPEAKER: John Shepherd 
    Richard Archer evaluated Alex with a time of 1:51
    Sam Mullis (welcome back Santa) evaluated Joyce with a time of 2:49
    Jerry Weikle evaluated John with a time of 2:53
    BEST EVALUATOR: Richard Archer

    *No "Ah" Stick winner for the second week in a row! Either our ballot counters aren't listening, or we're getting better with our verbal fillers! (Or maybe a little bit of both?)

    • TLI: Jan. 14 (Cannon School). Still need some volunteers for set up and clean up. There will be both morning and evening sessions (repeat sessions). Let Joyce know if you can volunteer.
    • Sonny informed us that Jay Nodine got to see and touch our new banner before he passed. 
    • Reviewed next week's meeting: WE NEED A TOASTMASTER!!! Serena cannot fulfill the Toastmaster role because of having to leave early. If interested, please email Phyllis!