Sunday, December 18, 2011

What a difference a week makes. I am quite late in posting the details of our December 10th meeting due to unforeseen circumstances. Or perhaps they weren't so unforeseen, just wishful thinking about different results. Jay, my friend, I know you are at rest and suffering no more. Praise God!

Jessica Keyes jingled her way into our hearts with a Christmas themed meeting - complete with music, cookies and the best looking Charlie Brown christmas tree I've ever seen. Insook added a prophetic thought of the day, as always. The joke was NOT on John as we chuckled our way forward. Serena judiciously served as Grammarian for the day. Rajesh stayed busy counting ballots and Ahs all morning! With Sonny keeping time, how could Santa possibly be late.

We were delighted to have 3 great speeches;
Betty - Right, Wrong & In Between
Mike - Pool Fundamentals
Shayam - I Will Have the Lunch Please (that still cracks me up Shayam)

Our Table Topics Master, Kim, kept the holiday theme going by asking;
Karen - What's a perfect N. C. Christmas?
Rajesh - What's in the Christmas Box?
Sonny - What's your favorite Christmas movie?

Our general evaluator, Brian, introduced the following evaluators;

Everyone was a winner as Jessica led us through a perfect holiday theme, complete with elves (her children) passing out reindeer food for the big day.

The voters selected;
The Grinch, uh, I mean Sonny for Table Topics
Betty who kept us right. not wrong, but sometimes in between with her speech
Joyce for her evaluation today

It's great to be surrounded by such a terrific bunch of people - your commitment, fellowship and love are the best Christmas present! Until next time...


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