Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Dec 3

Sorry for the delay in posting!

Members in attendance: Sonny, Richard, Rajesh, Serena, Insook, Kim, Jerry, Phyllis, Joyce, John, Betty, Lee and Bill. Guests: Ken Miller and Nathan Taylor.

Presiding officer, Joyce, opened the meeting. Bill gave a thought, Phyllis shared a joke, Jerry took the time, Kim counted the ballots and the "ahs," and Joyce was grammarian for the word of the day, "imperative."

Richard was Toastmaster and introduced Table Topics Master John who asked the following:
  • Ken Miller answered the question, "If you had a crystal ball, what would you want to know about yourself?" He said he would want to know what was ahead for his four grandchildren. 
  • Betty Walker answered the question, "What is worse: too high expectations or no expectations?" She said the worse was no expectations. She will expect good things in life and accept disappointment, developing new expectations.
  • Guest, Nathan Taylor, said he would spend his ideal day in Japan site-seeing and watching "kabuki" (Japanese dance-drama). 
  • Lee Johnston answered "If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?" We found out Lee has a vindictive streak as he said his enemies should "watch out!"
Rajesh gave his second speech, "Should We Stop Writing" about analyzing handwriting, which sparked both excitement and anxiety. Rajesh was evaluated by Serena. Insook gave a compelling speech, "What Does a Piece of Paper and Tape Have to Do with Our Life?" Insook took home the Best Speaker award. Sonny evaluated Insook and took home the Best Evaluator award.

Phyllis gave a great evaluation as the General Evaluator.

Business Session:
  1. Youth speech contest (Lee and Phyllis will be judging).
  2. TLI will be at Cannon School on Jan. 14. Need coordinator and other volunteers
  3. Ken Miller announced and gave out Distinguished Area awards to Matthew Charity and Kim Jackson, past area governors. He also reiterated that Toastmasters can get a CC every year for every club you are a member of. 
  4. Nathan, 2nd time guest, said that guests are the lifeblood of a group. AMEN!
  5. Reviewed next week's schedule
  6. Reminder to be at the weekly meeting BY 8:15 if you have a role!

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