Friday, December 30, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Dec 24

Sorry Goldminers! This is soooo late...been a crazy last few weeks.

We had a great time on Christmas Eve at the Goldmine! Betty Walker was our wonderful, peppy Toastmaster with Phyllis as Presiding Officer. Roles included:
  • Jerry as Jokemaster and Timer
  • Kim as Grammarian (word of the day: "hypothesis": supposition as a basis for reasoning; assumption)
  • Serena shared a Thought of the Day: "It's not the things you get at Christmas, it's the Christmas things you do all year through." 
  • Brian as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter (for the first time in Goldmine!)
  • Richard as General Evaluator
Rajesh was our Table Topics Master for the FIRST time. The theme was "Holidays." Table Topic participants were:
  •  Jay Johnson: "What was your most memorable Christmas memory to date? He said when he was a child in Rockwell and received a play garage with a cool elevator that took your car up to a second story parking lot. Found out this actually exists in New Orleans!
  • Sonny Tolbert: "Do you have any New Year's resolutions?" He said he has no resolutions until about 30 seconds before midnight. 
  • Kim Jackson: "If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?" Her answer was "where there is snow (but NO skiing please!).
  • John Shepherd: "If you were given a gift of one million dollars and had to spend it in one day, what would you do with it? He said he would give 10% to family and the rest to charities.

Prepared Speakers & Evaluators:
  • Brian Woolf (CC#10), "I Would Be Lying to You" with Serena evaluating
  • Phyllis Kombol (Specialty Speeches, #2, "Come On, Get Involved with Youth" with John evaluating
***BEST SPEAKER: Phyllis Kombol
***BEST EVALUATOR: John Shepherd
No "Ah" stick today! Yay!!

Business Session:
  • Goldmine received a Christmas card from Fairfield Inn
  • Will be accepting donations to Jay Nodine's church (Parkwood Baptist) through Jan. 1
  • Jan 14: TLI (need at least four officers to attend; open to all)
  • Dues are DUE by Dec. 30!! $60 per quarter
  • Reviewed next week's schedule: Kim Jackson as Toastmaster

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