Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday, Nov. 5 OPEN HOUSE

Goldmine Toastmaster's Open House

Guests: Logan Burchette and Doug Staucher

Much thanks for Open House coordinator and Toastmaster of the day, Jerry Weikle! Great job making this day a success! 

Joyce Preston started the meeting as Presiding Officer, followed by Sonny Tolbert who shared a Thought of the Day about the value of Toastmasters. 

Richard Archer shared a joke, Insook Lee took on the role of Grammarian, listening for the word of the day, "decorum." Shyam Narayan rang the bell as the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. And Bill Batterman took on the role of Timer. 

Table Topics, led by Mr. "Ain't Right" Alex Porter, gave an array of table topic questions. The first speaker, Serena Haneline, talked about what Toastmasters has done for her. Rajesh Gopalakrishna told about an "act of kindness" he has experienced at Goldmine Toastmasters. Kim Jackson, the first "patient" at "Ain't Right Psychiatry," had to say what she saw in this picture. What she saw, a creature roaming about in her house, made her jump on her chair! Alex's second patient, John Shepherd, had to do the same, as the picture was turned upside down (or right side up?). His interpretation included a critter as well, except this one was in the woods and he and Richard were running away from it (John's goal being to stay in front of Richard!) 

The winner of the Table Topics was John Shepherd.

Matthew Charity shared his Toastmaster journey speech, aptly titled, "The Journey," to show the guests his anxiety when he first started Toastmasters and how it is indeed a journey to more confidence, better communicator and more! 

Al Minter evaluated Matthew on this speech. Betty Walker evaluated the meeting as General Evaluator. Overall the meeting was a great success. Our guests were very interested and may return next week. Be on the lookout for them if you are present next week and make them feel welcome. 

Reminder: Next week is the District 37 Fall Conference in Fayetteville, NC. Several of our members will be there, as will our Division Humorous Speech Winner, our very own Alex Porter! We wish him the best. 

Al Minter is next meeting's Toastmaster. If you don't have  a role, please sign up for one by emailing Al this week!

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