Monday, November 21, 2011

November 19th, 2011

Yet another "golden" opportunity was had by those attending our weekly Toastmasters Meeting.

Phyllis, whose voice is returning, gave us a simple, yet profound Thought of the Day! Next, Mr. Battermann (aka. retired Preacher Bill), steered us down the shaft as he performed his Toastmaster duties. He introduced Alex the Wordmaster who had us shopping everywhere to use the word of the day, kiosk. Then, Serena had such a funny joke that everyone roared. (May I have a copy please?) Matthew, our Timer did a splendid job of explaining his role to our guests, in a timely manner too! Serena (she deserves a raise) then filled us in on her Ah Bell/Ballot Counter roles.

On to Table Topics and who better to gobble the speakers up than Shyam. With a Thanksgiving theme, Alex, who ran out of turkey, would serve a hamburger or a log of salami. Jerry, being the leader of a dysfunctional colony in 1621, had quite the feast. Last but not least was Karen Boothe, 2nd time visitor, who could invite a famous person to her meal. There must be a disco ball in her dining room because John Travolta himself will be boogieing her way.

With 3 speakers, we were in for an action packed event. First was Phyllis, who gave us an impromptu speech about boomerang kids (they're back home after college).
Her evaluator was Jerry.
Next was shy Steve Boles who gave us the odds of being us rather than being struck by lightening or winning the lottery. If he fails to return, his ticket was 1 in a million! He was harassed, I mean evaluated by Richard.
Finally, I gave an abstract concept speech on customer service. For those of you brave enough to shop on Friday, fill out those surveys about the happy workers you encounter that day. My evaluator, mentor and friend was Mrs. Betty Walker!

John Shepherd brought some class to the day (we were lacking but boy did we laugh) by being our General Evaluator.

Best Table Topics -Mr. Salami, Alex Porter
Best Speaker - Shy Steve Boles
Best Evaluator - The Divine Betty Walker

Misc. Notes:

Our other guest was Rishi Narayan, whose favorite part of the meeting was watching Steve Boles!

Alex was congratulated on his District Level speech!

1 - 2 judges are needed at 7:00pm on Monday, December 5th for the 7th & 8th grade contest by the Soil & Water Conservation Group. See Joyce for details.

Matthew is planning a Youth Leadership Program and would welcome some support.

Yes Virginia, there is a meeting on Christmas Eve (voted at the meeting) so do let Phyllis know if you are not available to be on the schedule.

Do keep Jay and his family in your thoughts and prayers and have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving,

Your Pres. - Joyce

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