Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report

Goldmine Toastmasters:

With only eight members today, we managed a good meeting in front of THREE guests: Logan Burchette (who invited his friend, Nathan Taylor), and Karen Boothe. 

Many thanks to Al Minter, Toastmaster of the Day, who filled all roles despite low numbers. 

John Shepherd shared his thought for the day, even posting said thought on the lectern: "More Wag, Less Bark." 

Serena Haneline shared a joke, and Rajesh Gopalakrishna served as our timer for the first time, doing a fabulous job with no trip-ups! 

Betty Walker, serving two roles as Grammarian AND Table Topics Master, took off with the word of the day, "wrest," as she shared her very creative table topic questions. The theme was: It is 3011 and a time capsule has been opened from the year 2011. What were these items used for 100 years ago (in 2011)?

  • Shyam went first with his object (a mouse pad). However, he mixed it up and said it had to be something they moved furniture with! 
  • Then our guest, Nathan, had some insights into a paperweight with a Chinese symbol (something to store some kind of liquid, from another race, perhaps?)
  • Serena shared her thoughts on the words "Table Topics," which, according to her, was some archaic term used by the Toastmasters cult to describe impromptu speaking.
  • Karen, our guest, shared her thoughts on an interestingly shaped MP3 player. She said it must have been a tiny drum with a speaker.
  • Logan, our guest, had to describe a cassette case. As he took out the papers inside, he said they must have tied those papers to a tiny winged creature and the plastic case was where he was put (but it could have been a torture chamber for said winged creature). Hilarious!
  • Jerry shared his insight into why it was good for Concord for Big Foot to come through the town and rearrange the buildings and Scott Padgett, Concord's mayor, to be missing. He said it was good for taxes, as everything Scott does is good for taxes.
The winner of the Table Topics was Logan, our guest, who was absent when the awards were given. Nathan, his friend, took his award to give to him.

Our speakers for the day included Richard Archer, who spoke from CC #2, "Confessions of a Golfaholic" about the pros and cons of golfing. His evaluator was Shyam Narayan.

Joyce Preston spoke from AC, "Speaking to Inform," a speech titled, "Is Cursive Becoming a Curse?" Her speech wrested some strong opinions on whether or not school kids should or should not be taught cursive writing. Her evaluator was John Shepherd.

The Best Speaker Award went to Richard Archer.
The Best Evaluator Award went to John Shepherd.

Jerry Weikle evaluated our meeting as General Evaluator and Betty gave her Grammarian report, noting only our guest, Karen, who said the word of the day. 

All guests were interested in our meeting. Nathan came not even knowing exactly what kind of group he was coming to, until he read the newcomers packet and realized we were a speaking club! Karen said she would be back for sure! 

Joyce gave a reminder of an upcoming TLI in January that will be held at Cannon School in Concord (date and more information to come later). Also, can't wait to hear the results of the District 37 Humorous Speech Contest where Alex Porter is participating!

Our meeting ended a little late, but the "Ah" stick award had to be given out. Except today it was the "So" stick award as four members were caught saying that little word over and over. But no one said it quite as much as our beloved President, Joyce Preston! Congratulations on the "So" stick award!

**May want to give a note of encouragement to Jay Nodine, who is still ailing, and to Kim Jackson, who was in a car accident but has been "divinely" spared and is only suffering a broke rib and some soreness!

NOTE: Bill is Toastmaster next week, so check out the Nov. schedule Phyllis gave out and if you have a role, please confirm with him. Also, if you want a role, please let him know!

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