Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Nov 26

What a happy Thanksgiving weekend we enjoyed at Goldmine Toastmasters! 

Phyllis stepped in as presiding officer to open up our meeting, while John Shepherd did an outstanding job as our Toastmaster for the Day, giving us great facts about Thanksgiving! Sonny shared this thought for the day: "Some people cause happiness wherever they go; and some people cause happiness whenever they go."

Sonny also stood in as our Table Topics Master, centering his questions mostly around names and Alex Porter. Speaking of Alex, he took the first table topic question, "If you could change your name, what would it be and why?" Alex decided he liked his name, then told us of his Uncle Dimple, who changed his name to his middle name (for obvious reasons).

Insook Lee answered the next question: "What name should Alex have instead of his own?" Insook "stole" Sonny's example, "Rice" to say that that name is a good multi-cultural name and would fit Alex well. So from now on, we'll call him "Rice Porter." Our guest (Phyllis' sis, Linda Schmickle) answered the question, "What has your best vacation been?" She said Hilton Head, where her and her sis used to go, but haven't been in awhile. Insook took home the Best Table Topic award.

Our speaker line up on this fabulous day, included Jessica Keyes, whose hilarious "technical" speech "Elf Training 101" had us all in stitches and watching for reindeer poo. Also, Serena Haneline finished her 10th speech in the Competent Communicator Manual titled, "Finding Courage in the Face of Fear." Her inspiring and soul-stirring speech earned her the Best Speaker Award. 

The Best Evaluator award went to Betty Walker after she evaluated Serena Haneline so eloquently. Alex (er, I mean Rice) Porter also did a fine job evaluating Jessica Keyes.

Other roles today included Timer: Phyllis (who kept us all on time), Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Rajesh Gopalakrishna (first time Ballot Counter and did a great job), Jokemaster: Betty Walker (always one to make us laugh), Grammarian: Steve Boles (whose word of the day, "faze," had people so fazed, they forgot to use it!), and last but not least, General Evaluator: Mike Hall (first time as General Evaluator and did a FAB job!)

  • Reminder to go visit Jay in the hospital (or call or pray or send a card...something!)
  • Reminder of Matthew's leadership program for youth coming up in December
  • Hinds Feet Farm program on Dec. 14 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for those interested. Contact Jessica Keyes.
  • Dues are due last of December/first of January ($60)
  • Phyllis went over our Distinguished Club goals (need more members...hint, hint). 
  • Jessica made a great suggestion: make copies of Competent Leader list and fill them out as you fill roles (can be working on two Competent Leaders per year)
  • Reviewed next week's meeting. Toastmaster will be Richard Archer. Please check the schedule and confirm your roles with Richard this week!
See you all next week!

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 19th, 2011

Yet another "golden" opportunity was had by those attending our weekly Toastmasters Meeting.

Phyllis, whose voice is returning, gave us a simple, yet profound Thought of the Day! Next, Mr. Battermann (aka. retired Preacher Bill), steered us down the shaft as he performed his Toastmaster duties. He introduced Alex the Wordmaster who had us shopping everywhere to use the word of the day, kiosk. Then, Serena had such a funny joke that everyone roared. (May I have a copy please?) Matthew, our Timer did a splendid job of explaining his role to our guests, in a timely manner too! Serena (she deserves a raise) then filled us in on her Ah Bell/Ballot Counter roles.

On to Table Topics and who better to gobble the speakers up than Shyam. With a Thanksgiving theme, Alex, who ran out of turkey, would serve a hamburger or a log of salami. Jerry, being the leader of a dysfunctional colony in 1621, had quite the feast. Last but not least was Karen Boothe, 2nd time visitor, who could invite a famous person to her meal. There must be a disco ball in her dining room because John Travolta himself will be boogieing her way.

With 3 speakers, we were in for an action packed event. First was Phyllis, who gave us an impromptu speech about boomerang kids (they're back home after college).
Her evaluator was Jerry.
Next was shy Steve Boles who gave us the odds of being us rather than being struck by lightening or winning the lottery. If he fails to return, his ticket was 1 in a million! He was harassed, I mean evaluated by Richard.
Finally, I gave an abstract concept speech on customer service. For those of you brave enough to shop on Friday, fill out those surveys about the happy workers you encounter that day. My evaluator, mentor and friend was Mrs. Betty Walker!

John Shepherd brought some class to the day (we were lacking but boy did we laugh) by being our General Evaluator.

Best Table Topics -Mr. Salami, Alex Porter
Best Speaker - Shy Steve Boles
Best Evaluator - The Divine Betty Walker

Misc. Notes:

Our other guest was Rishi Narayan, whose favorite part of the meeting was watching Steve Boles!

Alex was congratulated on his District Level speech!

1 - 2 judges are needed at 7:00pm on Monday, December 5th for the 7th & 8th grade contest by the Soil & Water Conservation Group. See Joyce for details.

Matthew is planning a Youth Leadership Program and would welcome some support.

Yes Virginia, there is a meeting on Christmas Eve (voted at the meeting) so do let Phyllis know if you are not available to be on the schedule.

Do keep Jay and his family in your thoughts and prayers and have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving,

Your Pres. - Joyce

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report

Goldmine Toastmasters:

With only eight members today, we managed a good meeting in front of THREE guests: Logan Burchette (who invited his friend, Nathan Taylor), and Karen Boothe. 

Many thanks to Al Minter, Toastmaster of the Day, who filled all roles despite low numbers. 

John Shepherd shared his thought for the day, even posting said thought on the lectern: "More Wag, Less Bark." 

Serena Haneline shared a joke, and Rajesh Gopalakrishna served as our timer for the first time, doing a fabulous job with no trip-ups! 

Betty Walker, serving two roles as Grammarian AND Table Topics Master, took off with the word of the day, "wrest," as she shared her very creative table topic questions. The theme was: It is 3011 and a time capsule has been opened from the year 2011. What were these items used for 100 years ago (in 2011)?

  • Shyam went first with his object (a mouse pad). However, he mixed it up and said it had to be something they moved furniture with! 
  • Then our guest, Nathan, had some insights into a paperweight with a Chinese symbol (something to store some kind of liquid, from another race, perhaps?)
  • Serena shared her thoughts on the words "Table Topics," which, according to her, was some archaic term used by the Toastmasters cult to describe impromptu speaking.
  • Karen, our guest, shared her thoughts on an interestingly shaped MP3 player. She said it must have been a tiny drum with a speaker.
  • Logan, our guest, had to describe a cassette case. As he took out the papers inside, he said they must have tied those papers to a tiny winged creature and the plastic case was where he was put (but it could have been a torture chamber for said winged creature). Hilarious!
  • Jerry shared his insight into why it was good for Concord for Big Foot to come through the town and rearrange the buildings and Scott Padgett, Concord's mayor, to be missing. He said it was good for taxes, as everything Scott does is good for taxes.
The winner of the Table Topics was Logan, our guest, who was absent when the awards were given. Nathan, his friend, took his award to give to him.

Our speakers for the day included Richard Archer, who spoke from CC #2, "Confessions of a Golfaholic" about the pros and cons of golfing. His evaluator was Shyam Narayan.

Joyce Preston spoke from AC, "Speaking to Inform," a speech titled, "Is Cursive Becoming a Curse?" Her speech wrested some strong opinions on whether or not school kids should or should not be taught cursive writing. Her evaluator was John Shepherd.

The Best Speaker Award went to Richard Archer.
The Best Evaluator Award went to John Shepherd.

Jerry Weikle evaluated our meeting as General Evaluator and Betty gave her Grammarian report, noting only our guest, Karen, who said the word of the day. 

All guests were interested in our meeting. Nathan came not even knowing exactly what kind of group he was coming to, until he read the newcomers packet and realized we were a speaking club! Karen said she would be back for sure! 

Joyce gave a reminder of an upcoming TLI in January that will be held at Cannon School in Concord (date and more information to come later). Also, can't wait to hear the results of the District 37 Humorous Speech Contest where Alex Porter is participating!

Our meeting ended a little late, but the "Ah" stick award had to be given out. Except today it was the "So" stick award as four members were caught saying that little word over and over. But no one said it quite as much as our beloved President, Joyce Preston! Congratulations on the "So" stick award!

**May want to give a note of encouragement to Jay Nodine, who is still ailing, and to Kim Jackson, who was in a car accident but has been "divinely" spared and is only suffering a broke rib and some soreness!

NOTE: Bill is Toastmaster next week, so check out the Nov. schedule Phyllis gave out and if you have a role, please confirm with him. Also, if you want a role, please let him know!

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    Saturday, Nov. 5 OPEN HOUSE

    Goldmine Toastmaster's Open House

    Guests: Logan Burchette and Doug Staucher

    Much thanks for Open House coordinator and Toastmaster of the day, Jerry Weikle! Great job making this day a success! 

    Joyce Preston started the meeting as Presiding Officer, followed by Sonny Tolbert who shared a Thought of the Day about the value of Toastmasters. 

    Richard Archer shared a joke, Insook Lee took on the role of Grammarian, listening for the word of the day, "decorum." Shyam Narayan rang the bell as the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. And Bill Batterman took on the role of Timer. 

    Table Topics, led by Mr. "Ain't Right" Alex Porter, gave an array of table topic questions. The first speaker, Serena Haneline, talked about what Toastmasters has done for her. Rajesh Gopalakrishna told about an "act of kindness" he has experienced at Goldmine Toastmasters. Kim Jackson, the first "patient" at "Ain't Right Psychiatry," had to say what she saw in this picture. What she saw, a creature roaming about in her house, made her jump on her chair! Alex's second patient, John Shepherd, had to do the same, as the picture was turned upside down (or right side up?). His interpretation included a critter as well, except this one was in the woods and he and Richard were running away from it (John's goal being to stay in front of Richard!) 

    The winner of the Table Topics was John Shepherd.

    Matthew Charity shared his Toastmaster journey speech, aptly titled, "The Journey," to show the guests his anxiety when he first started Toastmasters and how it is indeed a journey to more confidence, better communicator and more! 

    Al Minter evaluated Matthew on this speech. Betty Walker evaluated the meeting as General Evaluator. Overall the meeting was a great success. Our guests were very interested and may return next week. Be on the lookout for them if you are present next week and make them feel welcome. 

    Reminder: Next week is the District 37 Fall Conference in Fayetteville, NC. Several of our members will be there, as will our Division Humorous Speech Winner, our very own Alex Porter! We wish him the best. 

    Al Minter is next meeting's Toastmaster. If you don't have  a role, please sign up for one by emailing Al this week!