Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saturday, October 15th at the Goldmine

October 15th proved to be a fine time to have a Toastmaster meeting at the mine. Our visitors included Nikki Lee (2nd visit), Preston Porter (Alex's son) and guest (Courtney), and Christina Darnell, a freelance writer contributing to the Charlotte Observer. Kudos Matthew!

Phyllis took the helm and introduced our Grammarian, Jerry, Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Jay Johnson, Timer, Richard Archer, Jokemaster, Matthew Charity and Daily Thinker, John Shepherd. What a start!

Jay Nodine strolled down (and up) memory lane as he presented Table Topics in a Timely
Contestants Jay Johnson - What do you think of Daylight Savings Time? (winner)
Jerry Weikle - Time Travels
Nikki Lee - How do you find time?

Rajesh entertained us with his Ice Breaker and Triple Play ( his life in India, Austrailia and USA)

Serena vividly encouraged us to recycle as she completed CC #9 (they grow up so fast!)(Winner)

Alex practiced his humorous contest, which really paid off as he took 1st place on Tuesday!

John Shepherd and I, under the direction of our Master Evaluator, Betty Walker, evaluated Serena and Rajesh respectively. Everyone added tips to Alex's speech.

The meeting closed as we bid a fond farewell to Jay Johnson (but not goodbye) who's flying south for the winter.

Thanks for a SPOOKTACULAR meeting!


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