Saturday, October 8, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Oct. 8

Presiding Officer: Phyllis Kombol
Toastmaster: Sonny Tolbert
Thought of the Day: Serena Haneline
Jokemaster: Jay Nodine
Grammarian: Rajesh Gopalakrishna
Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Matthew Charity
Timer: Sam Mullis
General Evaluator: Betty Walker

Table Topics Master: Jerry Weikle


Table Topics Theme: Events/Holidays
1st Speaker: Jay Nodine - What does Columbus Day mean to you?
2nd: Insook Lee - If you were a Canadian, how would you celebrate Thanksgiving?
3rd: John Shepherd - Oct. 31 is Halloween, what costume are you going to wear?
4th: Betty Walker - All Saint's Day: Who are the saints the day is named after and why?
5th: Matthew Charity - If you won tickets to see the Saints vs. the Panthers, would you go?
  • Table Topics Winner: Betty Walker

Prepared Speakers:
1- Shyam Narayan: From Humorously Speaker AC, "How to Get that Elusive Meeting"
2- Phyllis Kombol: From Entertaining Speaker AC, "ATC: The Techno Cat"
  • Best Speaker: Phyllis 

1- John Shepherd evaluated Shyam
2- Insook Lee evaluated Phyllis

  • Best Evaluator: John
  • Ah Stick Winner: Sonny Tolbert

  1. Reminder of Area Contest on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. at Cannon School
  2. Have two out of ten Distinguished Club Program Goals
  3. Nov. 5 is Open House: Invite a friend, coworker, etc.!! We need three new members!
  4. Reviewed next week's schedule: Toastmaster is Phyllis. If you can take a role, please contact her!


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