Monday, October 31, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Oct. 29

This week's meeting was small but fun, as usual!

Shyam did a great job as Toastmaster, filling all roles with so few members.
Phyllis not only was the Presiding Officer, she also shared a Thought of the Day and filled in as Timer.
Al Minter shared with us a joke as Jokemaster. Grammarian for the day was Rajesh Gopalakrishna and Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Jessica Keyes.

Table Topics Master, Steve Boles, asked some diverse table topic questions:
1- If $$ were no object, what kind of car would you drive? Al Minter told us either a Lamborghini (for speed and youth) or a Rolls Royce (as a symbol of wealth).
2- What was your most memorable sports team-related memory? John Shepherd's answer was the Brooklyn Dodgers (a grassroots team that represents the masses).
3- Dogs or cats? Which is your favorite and why? Jessica Keyes told us about her favorite, which is neither a dog or cat, but a skink (half lizard, half snake). Not "skank," but "skink"
4- What would you like to protest and why? Shyam Narayan said he would protest taxes on lemonade stands via online blogs, Facebook, etc.
Winner: Jessica Keyes

Lee Johnson shared about his dog Harley in a speech evaluated by Mike Hall (first time evaluator) who did a great job evaluating Lee.
Richard Archer's speech "The Few, the Proud..." the GPSless had us all in stitches. John Shepherd (who is "pro-GPS" evaluated Richard's speech.
Best Speaker: Richard
Best Evaluator: John

Serena Haneline, General Evaluator, evaluated the meeting, suggesting that Table Topic Masters make sure they choose members with no roles or smaller roles first. 

There were no guests. The "Ah" stick went to Mike Hall.
Some business reminders:
  • Goldmine Pride Basket for Fall Conference (accepting contributions of materials or money (please bring to next meeting, Nov. 5)
  • Jay Nodine in hospital (NorthEast, Room #4444) He would love visitors!
  • Open House, Nov. 5. Invite people: We need to reach our new members goals for Distinguished Club!

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