Sunday, October 2, 2011

Goldmine Humorous and Evaluation Contest - Oct. 1, 2011

Fellow Toastmasters;

Bravo to one and all for a fabulous contest day at the Goldmine!  We were exhilarated, evaluated and entertained as Alex won top prize for the Speech Contest and Sonny won 1st place in the Evaluation Contest.  Kudos to Matthew (2nd place - Humorous), Joyce (2nd place - Evaluation), as well as to contestants Alex, and Bill (who will be giving tongue twister classes upon his retirement).

Thank You - Jay and Betty - a punctual job well done

- Serena and Rajesh - can't bribe these ballot counters 
- Sam - Sergeant at Arms (Mae West would be proud)
-Jessica - always ready lo lend a hand

- Jerry - a 1st time judge who picked some great winners
-John - a poised, polished and professional Toastmaster - a class act
-Phyllis - Our Contest Master who certainly mastered the task at hand

Special Mention to Saint Willie for her artistic talent and Jay for his guidance, leadership and overall dedication to Goldmine and life. We love you Nodines.
Joyce Preston
Goldmine President

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