Monday, October 31, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Oct. 29

This week's meeting was small but fun, as usual!

Shyam did a great job as Toastmaster, filling all roles with so few members.
Phyllis not only was the Presiding Officer, she also shared a Thought of the Day and filled in as Timer.
Al Minter shared with us a joke as Jokemaster. Grammarian for the day was Rajesh Gopalakrishna and Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Jessica Keyes.

Table Topics Master, Steve Boles, asked some diverse table topic questions:
1- If $$ were no object, what kind of car would you drive? Al Minter told us either a Lamborghini (for speed and youth) or a Rolls Royce (as a symbol of wealth).
2- What was your most memorable sports team-related memory? John Shepherd's answer was the Brooklyn Dodgers (a grassroots team that represents the masses).
3- Dogs or cats? Which is your favorite and why? Jessica Keyes told us about her favorite, which is neither a dog or cat, but a skink (half lizard, half snake). Not "skank," but "skink"
4- What would you like to protest and why? Shyam Narayan said he would protest taxes on lemonade stands via online blogs, Facebook, etc.
Winner: Jessica Keyes

Lee Johnson shared about his dog Harley in a speech evaluated by Mike Hall (first time evaluator) who did a great job evaluating Lee.
Richard Archer's speech "The Few, the Proud..." the GPSless had us all in stitches. John Shepherd (who is "pro-GPS" evaluated Richard's speech.
Best Speaker: Richard
Best Evaluator: John

Serena Haneline, General Evaluator, evaluated the meeting, suggesting that Table Topic Masters make sure they choose members with no roles or smaller roles first. 

There were no guests. The "Ah" stick went to Mike Hall.
Some business reminders:
  • Goldmine Pride Basket for Fall Conference (accepting contributions of materials or money (please bring to next meeting, Nov. 5)
  • Jay Nodine in hospital (NorthEast, Room #4444) He would love visitors!
  • Open House, Nov. 5. Invite people: We need to reach our new members goals for Distinguished Club!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011, at the Goldmine

Kinetic: having much high-spirited energy. Our "Word of the Day" aptly described our meeting this morning! President Joyce Preston enthusiastically greeted 18 members, including our newest member, Rajesh Gopalakrishnan, who inspired us with his thought of the day.

Alex Porter, fresh off his 1st place win at the Area 24 Humorous Speech Contest, took the reigns  as Toastmaster and capably led our meeting-- even while wearing mismatched socks.
Jovial Joyce shared a joke which will make us all think twice about going to B-u-r-g-e-r K-i-n-g
and Grammarian and Wordmaster John Shepherd introduced our word of the day, kinetic, which was communicated far more in our behavior than it was used in our sentences.  Jay Nodine handled the Ah Bell/Ballot Counting duties and Jerry Weikle manned the timing lights.

Santa Sam Mullis focused on a different holiday with his table topics theme: Halloween. Based on their responses, it seems Sonny Tolbert needs no mask, Phyllis Kombol can't bear to cut in to an innocent gourd, Steve Boles is a personal friend of Dracula, Insook Lee is confident humor and fright don't translate across cultures, and Lee Johnston is not a fan (of Halloween).  

We welcomed Al Minter back to our circle of friends and enjoyed his educational and inspirational speech, "Characteristics of Leaders."  Jessica Keyes and Mike Hall presented a tandem speech, working together to "Sell a Product," in this case, Lyndt chocolate. The speech and the samples were both outstanding!

Betty Walker evaluated Al Minter; Kim Jackson evaluated Jessica Keyes, and Joyce Preston evaluated Mike Hall.  Wordmaster John Shepherd reported on the lack of use of our word of the day, but our stellar use other words and phrases. General Evaluator Shyam Narayan gave the meeting excellent reviews.  

Everyone who participated in a timed role qualified for voting.  Ballot Counter Jay Nodine awarded Best Table Topics to Insook Lee; Best Speech to Al Minter; Best Evaluator to Joyce Preston and Ah Stick to Mike Hall.

Shyam Narayan will be Toastmaster of the Day for our meeting on October 29th.  Please make every effort to support his leadership next week. Several members will be absent in order to attend the Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest which is being held in Hickory at 9:30 a.m.  Alex Porter will be representing Goldmine in the Humorous Speech Contest.  Sonny Tolbert will be "waiting in the wings" in case the first place winner in our area contest is unable to compete in the Evaluation portion of the contest. 

Phyllis Kombol distributed fliers for our Open House on November 5th and encouraged each member to personally invite friends, co-workers, and family members as well as use emails and social media to get the word out so we'll have a good turn out of guests for our Open House.

The meeting officially concluded at 10:06 a.m., but the kinetic conversation continued.

Submitted by Kim Jackson using Jerry Weikle's meeting minutes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saturday, October 15th at the Goldmine

October 15th proved to be a fine time to have a Toastmaster meeting at the mine. Our visitors included Nikki Lee (2nd visit), Preston Porter (Alex's son) and guest (Courtney), and Christina Darnell, a freelance writer contributing to the Charlotte Observer. Kudos Matthew!

Phyllis took the helm and introduced our Grammarian, Jerry, Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Jay Johnson, Timer, Richard Archer, Jokemaster, Matthew Charity and Daily Thinker, John Shepherd. What a start!

Jay Nodine strolled down (and up) memory lane as he presented Table Topics in a Timely
Contestants Jay Johnson - What do you think of Daylight Savings Time? (winner)
Jerry Weikle - Time Travels
Nikki Lee - How do you find time?

Rajesh entertained us with his Ice Breaker and Triple Play ( his life in India, Austrailia and USA)

Serena vividly encouraged us to recycle as she completed CC #9 (they grow up so fast!)(Winner)

Alex practiced his humorous contest, which really paid off as he took 1st place on Tuesday!

John Shepherd and I, under the direction of our Master Evaluator, Betty Walker, evaluated Serena and Rajesh respectively. Everyone added tips to Alex's speech.

The meeting closed as we bid a fond farewell to Jay Johnson (but not goodbye) who's flying south for the winter.

Thanks for a SPOOKTACULAR meeting!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Oct. 8

Presiding Officer: Phyllis Kombol
Toastmaster: Sonny Tolbert
Thought of the Day: Serena Haneline
Jokemaster: Jay Nodine
Grammarian: Rajesh Gopalakrishna
Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Matthew Charity
Timer: Sam Mullis
General Evaluator: Betty Walker

Table Topics Master: Jerry Weikle


Table Topics Theme: Events/Holidays
1st Speaker: Jay Nodine - What does Columbus Day mean to you?
2nd: Insook Lee - If you were a Canadian, how would you celebrate Thanksgiving?
3rd: John Shepherd - Oct. 31 is Halloween, what costume are you going to wear?
4th: Betty Walker - All Saint's Day: Who are the saints the day is named after and why?
5th: Matthew Charity - If you won tickets to see the Saints vs. the Panthers, would you go?
  • Table Topics Winner: Betty Walker

Prepared Speakers:
1- Shyam Narayan: From Humorously Speaker AC, "How to Get that Elusive Meeting"
2- Phyllis Kombol: From Entertaining Speaker AC, "ATC: The Techno Cat"
  • Best Speaker: Phyllis 

1- John Shepherd evaluated Shyam
2- Insook Lee evaluated Phyllis

  • Best Evaluator: John
  • Ah Stick Winner: Sonny Tolbert

  1. Reminder of Area Contest on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. at Cannon School
  2. Have two out of ten Distinguished Club Program Goals
  3. Nov. 5 is Open House: Invite a friend, coworker, etc.!! We need three new members!
  4. Reviewed next week's schedule: Toastmaster is Phyllis. If you can take a role, please contact her!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Goldmine Humorous and Evaluation Contest - Oct. 1, 2011

Fellow Toastmasters;

Bravo to one and all for a fabulous contest day at the Goldmine!  We were exhilarated, evaluated and entertained as Alex won top prize for the Speech Contest and Sonny won 1st place in the Evaluation Contest.  Kudos to Matthew (2nd place - Humorous), Joyce (2nd place - Evaluation), as well as to contestants Alex, and Bill (who will be giving tongue twister classes upon his retirement).

Thank You - Jay and Betty - a punctual job well done

- Serena and Rajesh - can't bribe these ballot counters 
- Sam - Sergeant at Arms (Mae West would be proud)
-Jessica - always ready lo lend a hand

- Jerry - a 1st time judge who picked some great winners
-John - a poised, polished and professional Toastmaster - a class act
-Phyllis - Our Contest Master who certainly mastered the task at hand

Special Mention to Saint Willie for her artistic talent and Jay for his guidance, leadership and overall dedication to Goldmine and life. We love you Nodines.
Joyce Preston
Goldmine President