Monday, September 5, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report

Guests: Lee Reith
  1. Serena Haneline
  2. Alex Porter
  3. Jerry Weikle
  4. Jessica Keyes
  5. Mike Hall
  6. Phyllis Hernandez
  7. John Shepherd
  8. Joyce Preston
  9. Bill Batterman
  10. Steve Boles
  11. Sonny Tolbert
  12. Insook Lee
  13. Jay Nodine
  14. Matthew Charity
Presiding Officer was Joyce Preston
Toastmaster: Serena Haneline
Other Roles:
Thought of the Day: Jay Nodine
Jokemaster: Matthew Charity
 Timer: Insook Lee
Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Joyce Preston
Grammarian: Mike Hall

Table Topics Master: Alex Porter
Table Topics Contestants:
Matthew Charity: Spoke on his (lack of) plans for Labor Day
Joyce Preston: Spoke on what to tell an 18-year-old who is confused about whether or not to vote.
Insook Lee: Spoke on an act of kindness witnessed (or not witnessed)

Prepared Speakers:
Bill Batterman: (A 5-7 minute speech from the “Speaking to Inform” manual. Title: “Which Card?”)
Jessica Keyes: (A 10-12 minute speech from the “Speech by Management” manual. Title: “Let's Prepare for the Expo.”)
Jerry Weikle: (A 5-7 minute speech from the “Competent Communicator” manual, Project #9. Title: “Help Cure Knock-Knee Syndrome.”)
BEST SPEAKER: Bill Batterman

General Evaluator: Phyllis Hernandez
Steve Boles evaluated Bill Batterman.
Sonny Tolbert evaluated Jessica Keyes.
John Shepherd evaluated Jerry Weikle.
“AH” STICK AWARD: Bill Batterman

Business Session:
  • Congrats to Matthew Charity on his performance at the Comedy Zone. 
  • Announcements: 
  1. Elder Orphan Care Christmas Shoeboxes (Serena). Kim Jackson's ministry, Elder Orphan Care, is collecting items for shoeboxes. For more information, email Serena.
  2. Bill Batterman's retirement service will be Sunday, Sept. 11. For more information, email Bill.
  3. Toastmasters at the Lake (Jessica) are in need of a target speaker for their evaluation contest on Sept. 22nd at 11:45 a.m.
  4. Olde Countrie Fair (Phyllis) will be at All Saints Episcopal on Sept. 10. For more information, email Phyllis.
  • Area Council meeting will be on Sept. 10 after our regular meeting
  • Sept. 15: PGT's open house
  • Oct. 1: Goldmine Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests
  • Oct. 18: Area Contest
  • Oct. 29: Division Contest
  • Nov. 12: District Contest (at Fall conference) 
Meeting ended at 10:15 a.m.

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