Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Sept. 17

Accidentally skipped posting this week! Sorry!

Members in attendance: Sam Mullis, Serena Haneline, Jessica Keyes, Mike Hall, Jay Nodine, Steve Boles, Jerry Weikle, Alex Porter, Joyce Preston, Sonny Tolbert, Insook Lee, Matthew Charity, Kim Jackson, Richard Archer, and Bill Batterman.
Guest: Rajesh Gopalakrishna

Presiding Officer: Joyce
Toastmaster: Sam
Thought of the Day: Alex
Jokemaster: Richard
Grammarian: Sonny
Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Jerry
Timer: Alex

Table Topics Master: Joyce
Theme: "You have Won a Nobel Prize!"
1. Insook: Acceptance speech for Nobel Prize for tap dancing
2. Rajesh: Acceptance speech for Nobel Prize for window-washing
3. Steve: Acceptance speech for Nobel Prize for underwater photography

Prepared Speeches:
1. Serena: CC, #8, "How to Tackle Your Paper Mountains"
2. Kim: AC, Humorously Speaking, "A Tale of Tea Bags and Toothbrushes"
3. Mike: CC, #2, "RC Racing Is Fun"

1. Richard evaluated Serena
2. Matthew evaluated Kim
3. Jay evaluated Mike

Kim and Matthew were disqualified.

BEST SPEAKER: Serena Haneline
BEST EVALUATOR: Richard Archer
"AH" STICK: Jay Nodine

Business Session:
  • Reviewed contests (local, area, division)
  • Congrats on Bill Batterman's retirement
  • "Goldmineathon" - Need to raise funds to purchase a new banner with new logo (asking $5-10 a member)
  • Reviewed next week's schedule

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