Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report

Today's meeting may have been sparse, but it was big on laughter. 
The following members were present and had the following roles:

President Joyce Preston: Presiding Officer and Thought of the Day AND Evaluator
Alex Porter: Toastmaster AND Timer
Steve Boles: Jokemaster and Ah Bell/Ballot Counter
Jay Nodine: Table Topics Master and Evaluator
Sam Mullis: General Evaluator and Grammarian
Shyam Narayan: Speaker 1
Serena Haneline: Speaker 2
Insook Lee: Speaker 3
Jay Nodine: Evaluator 1
Sonny Tolbert: Evaluator 2
Joyce Preston: Evaluator 3

Table Topics Theme: Favorites 
Table Topic Speakers:
  • Steve Boles spoke eloquently about his favorite meal (of course he was given a few minutes to "think hard" about his topic as Alex figured out he didn't have a stopwatch. Jay came to the rescue with an extra one, as did Sonny with his cell phone as backup.
  • Joyce Preston talked about her favorite vacation (also given a minute to think as Alex messed up the stopwatch and Jay fixed it)
  • Sam Mullis spoke about his favorite movie
  • Sonny Tolbert talked about his favorite place to be
Table Topics Winner: Steve Boles

Speakers of the Day:
  1. Shyam Narayan's speech was out of the Advance Communicator manual, "Persuasive Speaking," Project #2. His title was "Getting to the Proposal." He had a 3-5 minute speech, followed by a 5-7 minute role play, and a 3-5 minute question and answer section.
  2. Serena Haneline's speech was speech #7 out of the Competent Communication manual "Research Your Topic." Her speech was titled, "Hold On a Minute, Got to Get My Phone." 
  3. Insook Lee's speech came from the Advanced manual, "The Entertaining Speaker," Project #2. Her speech title was "Some Challenging Moments in Teaching"
All speeches qualified.
Best Speaker Award: Insook Lee (for a very entertaining speech!)

  1. Jay Nodine evaluated Shyam Narayan
  2. Sonny Tolbert evaluated Serena Haneline
  3. Joyce Preston evaluated Insook Lee
Jay was disqualified for going over time by 17 seconds
Best Evaluator Award: Joyce Preston (of course, doesn't she ALWAYS win Best Evaluator?)

Ah Stick Award: Sam Mullis

Next week (August 13), Tim Edwards, Area 24 Governor, will be in attendance. There will also be an Officer Meeting next week (Aug. 13). Reminder of the humorous and evaluation speech contests coming up. If you are interested, get a speech ready! 

Next weeks' Toastmaster Schedule (please let Toastmaster know if you confirm your roles):
Toastmaster: Insook Lee
Thought of the Day: Bill Batterman
Jokemaster: Richard Archer
Grammarian: Mike Hall
Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Serena Haneline
Timer: Jerry Weikle
Table Topics Master: Miles Moody
Speaker 1: Alex Porter
Speaker 2: Sonny Tolbert
Speaker 3: Joyce Preston
Backup Speaker: Lee Johnston
Master Evaluator: John Shepherd
Evaluator 1: Jessica Keyes
Evaluator 2: Brian Woolf
Evaluator 3: Tony Hinson

(Absent: Sam Mullis, Kim Jackson)

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