Monday, August 22, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, August 20

Special thanks to Past Secretary Jerry Weikle for taking the minutes at the Saturday, August 20 Goldmine meeting!


1.    Richard Archer
2.    Betty Walker
3.    Lee Johnston
4.    Insook Lee
5.    Bill Batterman
6.    Jerry Weikle
7.    Sonny Tolbert
8.    Kim Jackson
9.    Jay Nodine
10. Alex Porter
11. John Shepherd
12. Shyam Narayan
13. Sam Mullis
14. Phyllis Kombol

Presiding Officer was Phyllis Kombol. Thanks for stepping up Phyllis!

Toastmaster: Shyam Narayan
Other Roles:
·         Thought of the Day: Sam Mullis
·         Jokemaster: Jay Nodine
·         Timer: Sonny Tolbert
·         Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Betty Walker
·         Grammarian: Alex Porter

Table Topics Master: John Shepherd
Table Topics Contestants:
  1. Phyllis Kombol: Spoke for 1:31 minutes on which is more important: intelligence or common sense?
  2. Jay Nodine: Talked for 31 seconds on “if you could do something dangerous, without harm, what would it be?”
  3. Sonny Tolbert: Spoke for 58 seconds on the topic: “would you rather live a week in the past or the future?”

Prepared Speakers:
  • Lee Johnston: (A 5-7 minute speech from the “Entertaining Speech” manual. Title: “Harley.” Time: 6:02)
  • Jerry Weikle: (A 5-6 minute speech from Competent Communicator manual, #8. The title: “Can You Save a Few Pounds?” Time: 6:43)
  • Kim Jackson: (A 5-7 minutes speech from the “Humorous Speech” manual. Title: “Case of the Missing Husband.” Time: 6:58)
 BEST SPEAKER: Kim Jackson

General Evaluator: Bill Batterman

  • Sam Mullis evaluated Lee Johnston. Time: 3:20
  • Richard Archer evaluated Jerry Weikle. Time: 2:04
  • Insook Lee evaluated Kim Jackson. Time: 3:05
BEST EVALUATOR: Richard Archer

“AH” STICK AWARD: Lee Johnston

Business Session:
  • Reminder about dues increase ($60/quarter). Give all dues to Sonny Tolbert as soon as possible so that dues can be paid to Toastmasters International.
  • New letterhead, new color scheme/logo unveiled from Toastmasters International. Check out their website at:

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