Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report

Special thanks to Al Minter for taking the minutes at the Saturday, August 27 Goldmine meeting!

1. Sam Mullis
2. Shyam Narayan
3. Alex Porter
4. Jerry Weikle
5. Jessica Keyes
6. John Shepherd
7. Al Minter
8. Jay Nodine
9. Brian Woolf
10. Joyce Preston
11. Insook Lee
12. Matthew Charity
13. Mike Hall
Guest: Jeff Lippard from High Energy Toastmasters

Presiding Officer was President Joyce Preston

Toastmaster: Sam Mullis
Other Roles:
·         Thought of the Day: Matthew Charity
·         Jokemaster: Sam Mullis
·         Timer: Jessica Keyes
·         Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Joyce Preston
·         Grammarian: John Shepherd

Table Topics Master: Mike Hall
Table Topics Contestants:
  1. Al Minter: spoke for2:06 minutes on Plane or Train?
  2. Jeff Lippard: Spoke for 1:19 minutes on Where would you travel?
  3. Joyce Preston: Spoke for 2:12 minutes on Most memorable trip?

Prepared Speakers:
  1. Shyam Narayan: (A 5-7 minute speech. Title: “The Door is Not Locked.” Time: 7:13-Disqualified) 
  2. Brian Woolf: (A 5-7 minute speech. Title: “Price of Success.” Time: 6:38 
  3. Alex Porter: (A 5-7 minute speech. Title: “Uncle Nal and His LET” Time: 4:28)

General Evaluator: Insook Lee
  1. Matthew Charity evaluated Shyam Narayan. Time: 2:13 
  2. Jay Nodine evaluated Brian Woolf. Time: 2:49 
  3. Jerry Weikle evaluated Alex Porter: Time: 2:53

“AH” STICK AWARD: Mike Hall AND Al Minter

Business Session:
  •  Matthew Charity will be at the Comedy Zone on Tuesday, August 30 in uptown Charlotte. There is no admission charge.
  •  Humorous and Evaluation contests are approaching
  • Fall conference is Nov. 11, 2011 in Fayetteville, NC
  • Reviewed next week's schedule
Meeting ended at 10:00 a.m.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, August 20

Special thanks to Past Secretary Jerry Weikle for taking the minutes at the Saturday, August 20 Goldmine meeting!


1.    Richard Archer
2.    Betty Walker
3.    Lee Johnston
4.    Insook Lee
5.    Bill Batterman
6.    Jerry Weikle
7.    Sonny Tolbert
8.    Kim Jackson
9.    Jay Nodine
10. Alex Porter
11. John Shepherd
12. Shyam Narayan
13. Sam Mullis
14. Phyllis Kombol

Presiding Officer was Phyllis Kombol. Thanks for stepping up Phyllis!

Toastmaster: Shyam Narayan
Other Roles:
·         Thought of the Day: Sam Mullis
·         Jokemaster: Jay Nodine
·         Timer: Sonny Tolbert
·         Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Betty Walker
·         Grammarian: Alex Porter

Table Topics Master: John Shepherd
Table Topics Contestants:
  1. Phyllis Kombol: Spoke for 1:31 minutes on which is more important: intelligence or common sense?
  2. Jay Nodine: Talked for 31 seconds on “if you could do something dangerous, without harm, what would it be?”
  3. Sonny Tolbert: Spoke for 58 seconds on the topic: “would you rather live a week in the past or the future?”

Prepared Speakers:
  • Lee Johnston: (A 5-7 minute speech from the “Entertaining Speech” manual. Title: “Harley.” Time: 6:02)
  • Jerry Weikle: (A 5-6 minute speech from Competent Communicator manual, #8. The title: “Can You Save a Few Pounds?” Time: 6:43)
  • Kim Jackson: (A 5-7 minutes speech from the “Humorous Speech” manual. Title: “Case of the Missing Husband.” Time: 6:58)
 BEST SPEAKER: Kim Jackson

General Evaluator: Bill Batterman

  • Sam Mullis evaluated Lee Johnston. Time: 3:20
  • Richard Archer evaluated Jerry Weikle. Time: 2:04
  • Insook Lee evaluated Kim Jackson. Time: 3:05
BEST EVALUATOR: Richard Archer

“AH” STICK AWARD: Lee Johnston

Business Session:
  • Reminder about dues increase ($60/quarter). Give all dues to Sonny Tolbert as soon as possible so that dues can be paid to Toastmasters International.
  • New letterhead, new color scheme/logo unveiled from Toastmasters International. Check out their website at:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report

The Goldmine is back!! With 18 members present and two guests, we were ROCKIN' today! Woohoo!

Our Presiding Officer today was the illustrious Joyce Preston. Insook Lee took over as Toastmaster and did a wonderful job!)

Other roles:
  • Grammarian: Mike Hall (first time in this role, I think? He did a great job, even though he (barely) beat Jay Nodine out of the "Uh" Stick Award!
  • Timer: Jerry Weikle 
  • Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Serena Haneline
  • Thought of the Day: Bill Batterman (delivered a serious thought on not being content to just give charity to the poor, but be willing to help to end poverty. 
  • Jokemaster: Richard Archer (great joke: "I don't have no crayons")
Table Topics Master: Phyllis Kombol 
Table Topics Theme: Phyllis kids going back to college
  • Table Topics Speaker 1: Kim Jackson: Spoke for 1:54 on the last time she moved (which was to Concord, NC and waiting on her luggage that was on the other side of the planet) 
  • Table Topics Speaker 2: Lee Johnston: Spoke for 1:34 on what Phyllis' college-aged kids are doing in their rooms (when he was that age, he was milking cows) 
  • Table Topics Speaker 3: Betty Walker: Talked for 1:30 on what she would do if she worked in a Halloween store 
  • Table Topics Speaker 4: Jay Nodine: Talked for 1:21 on what Phyllis' kids learn in college that she can't teach them (it was an eloquent minute and 20 on Jay as a kid not being allowed to open the basement door (lo and behold, he was IN the basement, go figure).

  • Speaker 1: Alex Porter (Title: "A Blast from the Past" in AC Storytelling, Project #2). Great story-telling about a cannon breaking windows in the back alley of a pharmacy in downtown Concord 40+ years ago! Shhh, it's still a secret!
  • Speaker 2: Sonny Tolbert (Title: "Fear and Greed" in AC #3). Shared about the stock market; the fear and greed that drives it both up and down and what we can do when it plummets.  
  • Speaker 3: Joyce Preston (Title: "You're Killing Me" in AC Speaking to Inform #2). Joyce shared from her experience the dangers of food-borne bacteria and ways we can be safe when we cook. 
*Unfortunately, both Alex and Joyce went over their time. Alex by 10 seconds and Joyce by 47 seconds. 
BEST SPEAKER AWARD: Sonny Tolbert (even if it was by default!)

General Evaluator: John Shepherd
  • Evaluator 1: Jessica Keyes evaluated Alex Porter (time: 3:20)
  • Evaluator 2: Brian Woolf evaluated Sonny Tolbert (time: 2:55)
  • Evaluator 3: Tony Hinson evaluated Joyce Preston (time: 3:12) 

It was great to have guests, Tim Edwards, our new Area 24 Governor, and Curtis Treece from People Growing Together Toastmasters in Salisbury. Curtis gathered some tips to take back to his Toastmaster group. Tim gave a plug for the annual District 37 camping trip. 

Other Business
  1. Tim Edwards announced that Sonny Tolbert will be the chairman of the Area Council (which is a "meeting of the minds" in which area presidents and VPs of education attend. Other officers are welcome to attend.) 
  2. Jay Nodine handed out a Financial Report and made a motion to increase the Goldmine dues to $60/quarter and the new member dues to $20 educational material fee plus $60 member fee (TM International has raised yearly dues and the hotel costs have risen). The motion was seconded by Brian Woolf and was passed by a unanimous vote.  
  3. Jay would like for those members who can to pay their dues early (before October 1).
  4. Joyce announced the rebranding of Toastmasters International (new logo, new color scheme, new marketing/advertising plans, etc.) The rebrand will go public on August 17 at the national convention.
  5. Jessica Keyes announced she has inventory from the Toastmasters bookstore that has the old logo that she needs to sell. 
  6. An officer's meeting was held after the meeting, in which Tim Edwards attended. 
The meeting ended at 10:15 a.m. Minutes were prepared by Serena Haneline, Secretary.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report

Today's meeting may have been sparse, but it was big on laughter. 
The following members were present and had the following roles:

President Joyce Preston: Presiding Officer and Thought of the Day AND Evaluator
Alex Porter: Toastmaster AND Timer
Steve Boles: Jokemaster and Ah Bell/Ballot Counter
Jay Nodine: Table Topics Master and Evaluator
Sam Mullis: General Evaluator and Grammarian
Shyam Narayan: Speaker 1
Serena Haneline: Speaker 2
Insook Lee: Speaker 3
Jay Nodine: Evaluator 1
Sonny Tolbert: Evaluator 2
Joyce Preston: Evaluator 3

Table Topics Theme: Favorites 
Table Topic Speakers:
  • Steve Boles spoke eloquently about his favorite meal (of course he was given a few minutes to "think hard" about his topic as Alex figured out he didn't have a stopwatch. Jay came to the rescue with an extra one, as did Sonny with his cell phone as backup.
  • Joyce Preston talked about her favorite vacation (also given a minute to think as Alex messed up the stopwatch and Jay fixed it)
  • Sam Mullis spoke about his favorite movie
  • Sonny Tolbert talked about his favorite place to be
Table Topics Winner: Steve Boles

Speakers of the Day:
  1. Shyam Narayan's speech was out of the Advance Communicator manual, "Persuasive Speaking," Project #2. His title was "Getting to the Proposal." He had a 3-5 minute speech, followed by a 5-7 minute role play, and a 3-5 minute question and answer section.
  2. Serena Haneline's speech was speech #7 out of the Competent Communication manual "Research Your Topic." Her speech was titled, "Hold On a Minute, Got to Get My Phone." 
  3. Insook Lee's speech came from the Advanced manual, "The Entertaining Speaker," Project #2. Her speech title was "Some Challenging Moments in Teaching"
All speeches qualified.
Best Speaker Award: Insook Lee (for a very entertaining speech!)

  1. Jay Nodine evaluated Shyam Narayan
  2. Sonny Tolbert evaluated Serena Haneline
  3. Joyce Preston evaluated Insook Lee
Jay was disqualified for going over time by 17 seconds
Best Evaluator Award: Joyce Preston (of course, doesn't she ALWAYS win Best Evaluator?)

Ah Stick Award: Sam Mullis

Next week (August 13), Tim Edwards, Area 24 Governor, will be in attendance. There will also be an Officer Meeting next week (Aug. 13). Reminder of the humorous and evaluation speech contests coming up. If you are interested, get a speech ready! 

Next weeks' Toastmaster Schedule (please let Toastmaster know if you confirm your roles):
Toastmaster: Insook Lee
Thought of the Day: Bill Batterman
Jokemaster: Richard Archer
Grammarian: Mike Hall
Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Serena Haneline
Timer: Jerry Weikle
Table Topics Master: Miles Moody
Speaker 1: Alex Porter
Speaker 2: Sonny Tolbert
Speaker 3: Joyce Preston
Backup Speaker: Lee Johnston
Master Evaluator: John Shepherd
Evaluator 1: Jessica Keyes
Evaluator 2: Brian Woolf
Evaluator 3: Tony Hinson

(Absent: Sam Mullis, Kim Jackson)