Friday, December 30, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Dec 24

Sorry Goldminers! This is soooo late...been a crazy last few weeks.

We had a great time on Christmas Eve at the Goldmine! Betty Walker was our wonderful, peppy Toastmaster with Phyllis as Presiding Officer. Roles included:
  • Jerry as Jokemaster and Timer
  • Kim as Grammarian (word of the day: "hypothesis": supposition as a basis for reasoning; assumption)
  • Serena shared a Thought of the Day: "It's not the things you get at Christmas, it's the Christmas things you do all year through." 
  • Brian as Ah Bell/Ballot Counter (for the first time in Goldmine!)
  • Richard as General Evaluator
Rajesh was our Table Topics Master for the FIRST time. The theme was "Holidays." Table Topic participants were:
  •  Jay Johnson: "What was your most memorable Christmas memory to date? He said when he was a child in Rockwell and received a play garage with a cool elevator that took your car up to a second story parking lot. Found out this actually exists in New Orleans!
  • Sonny Tolbert: "Do you have any New Year's resolutions?" He said he has no resolutions until about 30 seconds before midnight. 
  • Kim Jackson: "If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?" Her answer was "where there is snow (but NO skiing please!).
  • John Shepherd: "If you were given a gift of one million dollars and had to spend it in one day, what would you do with it? He said he would give 10% to family and the rest to charities.

Prepared Speakers & Evaluators:
  • Brian Woolf (CC#10), "I Would Be Lying to You" with Serena evaluating
  • Phyllis Kombol (Specialty Speeches, #2, "Come On, Get Involved with Youth" with John evaluating
***BEST SPEAKER: Phyllis Kombol
***BEST EVALUATOR: John Shepherd
No "Ah" stick today! Yay!!

Business Session:
  • Goldmine received a Christmas card from Fairfield Inn
  • Will be accepting donations to Jay Nodine's church (Parkwood Baptist) through Jan. 1
  • Jan 14: TLI (need at least four officers to attend; open to all)
  • Dues are DUE by Dec. 30!! $60 per quarter
  • Reviewed next week's schedule: Kim Jackson as Toastmaster

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Dec 17

Today was both a joyous and sad occasion as we remembered the late great "Mr. Wonderful": Jay Nodine in our meeting that definitely had us laughing. (Just as Jay would have wanted!)

Members in attendance: Joyce, Presiding Officer and Toastmaster of the Day.
Thought of the Day: Our newest member, Karen Boothe, who shared a poignant Thought: "To everything there is a season...a time to be born, and a time to die...a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance."
Shyam, as Jokemaster, shared his son's favorite "Jay Joke" out of Jay's book.
John Shepherd: Grammarian (word of the day: neophyte - which was said quite a bit!)
Timer: Betty and  Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Phyllis
General Evaluator: Jerry
Other members in attendance: Serena and Jay Johnson. Special Guests: Logan Burchette and Kemp Edwards (Serena's "boyfriend" - yes, Joyce, he's a real, live person!)

Table Topics Master: Richard Archer gave out some interesting sentences as table topics:
  • Serena Haneline finished the sentence: "I opened my door and was surprised to see..." Rudolph standing at her door. But lo, and behold, it wasn't Rudolph, after all. It was her boyfriend dressed up like Rudolph! 
  • Jay Johnson's sentence was: "The Highway Patrol pulled up in my driveway because..." an alligator was in his backyard! (This is in his home in Florida, where the alligators play).
  • Betty Walker finished the sentence, "For the umpteenth time, I screamed, 'Where did you put my...?'" sleigh, screamed Richard Archer! Always losing that sleigh! 
Table Topics Winner: Serena! Beating out the Table Topic Champs for her FIRST win! (Jay Nodine: You would have been proud!)

Our speakers for the day shared some humorous stories, befitting the spirit of Jay Nodine. Sonny spoke on "Reindeer Food" and we learned that Rudolph's father was Donner. Who knew? And Kim Jackson talked about "Looking for Gifts in All the Wrong Places." The most meaningful gifts this Christmas are not the ones we put under the tree; it's the ones we find in the most unexpected places. You may be entertaining angels unaware!

Rajesh, first time evaluator, evaluated Sonny's speech, doing a terrific job! Insook evaluated Kim Jackson, also doing a fantastic job.

Best Speaker: Sonny Tolbert (Kim's speech was disqualified for going over time!)
Best Evaluator: Insook Lee
Ah Stick Winner: Kim Jackson

Business Session:
  • Jay's funeral at Parkwood Baptist Church, 2 p.m.
  • Visit Jay's Caring Bridge Website and leave a comment at:
  • We are collecting donations to go toward Jay's church (Parkwood Baptist) this week and next.
  • Reminder: Dues are DUE by Dec. 30 ($60 per quarter)
  • Reviewed next week's schedule. Toastmaster is Betty Walker. Please confirm your roles with Betty this week!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What a difference a week makes. I am quite late in posting the details of our December 10th meeting due to unforeseen circumstances. Or perhaps they weren't so unforeseen, just wishful thinking about different results. Jay, my friend, I know you are at rest and suffering no more. Praise God!

Jessica Keyes jingled her way into our hearts with a Christmas themed meeting - complete with music, cookies and the best looking Charlie Brown christmas tree I've ever seen. Insook added a prophetic thought of the day, as always. The joke was NOT on John as we chuckled our way forward. Serena judiciously served as Grammarian for the day. Rajesh stayed busy counting ballots and Ahs all morning! With Sonny keeping time, how could Santa possibly be late.

We were delighted to have 3 great speeches;
Betty - Right, Wrong & In Between
Mike - Pool Fundamentals
Shayam - I Will Have the Lunch Please (that still cracks me up Shayam)

Our Table Topics Master, Kim, kept the holiday theme going by asking;
Karen - What's a perfect N. C. Christmas?
Rajesh - What's in the Christmas Box?
Sonny - What's your favorite Christmas movie?

Our general evaluator, Brian, introduced the following evaluators;

Everyone was a winner as Jessica led us through a perfect holiday theme, complete with elves (her children) passing out reindeer food for the big day.

The voters selected;
The Grinch, uh, I mean Sonny for Table Topics
Betty who kept us right. not wrong, but sometimes in between with her speech
Joyce for her evaluation today

It's great to be surrounded by such a terrific bunch of people - your commitment, fellowship and love are the best Christmas present! Until next time...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Dec 3

Sorry for the delay in posting!

Members in attendance: Sonny, Richard, Rajesh, Serena, Insook, Kim, Jerry, Phyllis, Joyce, John, Betty, Lee and Bill. Guests: Ken Miller and Nathan Taylor.

Presiding officer, Joyce, opened the meeting. Bill gave a thought, Phyllis shared a joke, Jerry took the time, Kim counted the ballots and the "ahs," and Joyce was grammarian for the word of the day, "imperative."

Richard was Toastmaster and introduced Table Topics Master John who asked the following:
  • Ken Miller answered the question, "If you had a crystal ball, what would you want to know about yourself?" He said he would want to know what was ahead for his four grandchildren. 
  • Betty Walker answered the question, "What is worse: too high expectations or no expectations?" She said the worse was no expectations. She will expect good things in life and accept disappointment, developing new expectations.
  • Guest, Nathan Taylor, said he would spend his ideal day in Japan site-seeing and watching "kabuki" (Japanese dance-drama). 
  • Lee Johnston answered "If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?" We found out Lee has a vindictive streak as he said his enemies should "watch out!"
Rajesh gave his second speech, "Should We Stop Writing" about analyzing handwriting, which sparked both excitement and anxiety. Rajesh was evaluated by Serena. Insook gave a compelling speech, "What Does a Piece of Paper and Tape Have to Do with Our Life?" Insook took home the Best Speaker award. Sonny evaluated Insook and took home the Best Evaluator award.

Phyllis gave a great evaluation as the General Evaluator.

Business Session:
  1. Youth speech contest (Lee and Phyllis will be judging).
  2. TLI will be at Cannon School on Jan. 14. Need coordinator and other volunteers
  3. Ken Miller announced and gave out Distinguished Area awards to Matthew Charity and Kim Jackson, past area governors. He also reiterated that Toastmasters can get a CC every year for every club you are a member of. 
  4. Nathan, 2nd time guest, said that guests are the lifeblood of a group. AMEN!
  5. Reviewed next week's schedule
  6. Reminder to be at the weekly meeting BY 8:15 if you have a role!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Nov 26

What a happy Thanksgiving weekend we enjoyed at Goldmine Toastmasters! 

Phyllis stepped in as presiding officer to open up our meeting, while John Shepherd did an outstanding job as our Toastmaster for the Day, giving us great facts about Thanksgiving! Sonny shared this thought for the day: "Some people cause happiness wherever they go; and some people cause happiness whenever they go."

Sonny also stood in as our Table Topics Master, centering his questions mostly around names and Alex Porter. Speaking of Alex, he took the first table topic question, "If you could change your name, what would it be and why?" Alex decided he liked his name, then told us of his Uncle Dimple, who changed his name to his middle name (for obvious reasons).

Insook Lee answered the next question: "What name should Alex have instead of his own?" Insook "stole" Sonny's example, "Rice" to say that that name is a good multi-cultural name and would fit Alex well. So from now on, we'll call him "Rice Porter." Our guest (Phyllis' sis, Linda Schmickle) answered the question, "What has your best vacation been?" She said Hilton Head, where her and her sis used to go, but haven't been in awhile. Insook took home the Best Table Topic award.

Our speaker line up on this fabulous day, included Jessica Keyes, whose hilarious "technical" speech "Elf Training 101" had us all in stitches and watching for reindeer poo. Also, Serena Haneline finished her 10th speech in the Competent Communicator Manual titled, "Finding Courage in the Face of Fear." Her inspiring and soul-stirring speech earned her the Best Speaker Award. 

The Best Evaluator award went to Betty Walker after she evaluated Serena Haneline so eloquently. Alex (er, I mean Rice) Porter also did a fine job evaluating Jessica Keyes.

Other roles today included Timer: Phyllis (who kept us all on time), Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Rajesh Gopalakrishna (first time Ballot Counter and did a great job), Jokemaster: Betty Walker (always one to make us laugh), Grammarian: Steve Boles (whose word of the day, "faze," had people so fazed, they forgot to use it!), and last but not least, General Evaluator: Mike Hall (first time as General Evaluator and did a FAB job!)

  • Reminder to go visit Jay in the hospital (or call or pray or send a card...something!)
  • Reminder of Matthew's leadership program for youth coming up in December
  • Hinds Feet Farm program on Dec. 14 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for those interested. Contact Jessica Keyes.
  • Dues are due last of December/first of January ($60)
  • Phyllis went over our Distinguished Club goals (need more members...hint, hint). 
  • Jessica made a great suggestion: make copies of Competent Leader list and fill them out as you fill roles (can be working on two Competent Leaders per year)
  • Reviewed next week's meeting. Toastmaster will be Richard Archer. Please check the schedule and confirm your roles with Richard this week!
See you all next week!

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 19th, 2011

Yet another "golden" opportunity was had by those attending our weekly Toastmasters Meeting.

Phyllis, whose voice is returning, gave us a simple, yet profound Thought of the Day! Next, Mr. Battermann (aka. retired Preacher Bill), steered us down the shaft as he performed his Toastmaster duties. He introduced Alex the Wordmaster who had us shopping everywhere to use the word of the day, kiosk. Then, Serena had such a funny joke that everyone roared. (May I have a copy please?) Matthew, our Timer did a splendid job of explaining his role to our guests, in a timely manner too! Serena (she deserves a raise) then filled us in on her Ah Bell/Ballot Counter roles.

On to Table Topics and who better to gobble the speakers up than Shyam. With a Thanksgiving theme, Alex, who ran out of turkey, would serve a hamburger or a log of salami. Jerry, being the leader of a dysfunctional colony in 1621, had quite the feast. Last but not least was Karen Boothe, 2nd time visitor, who could invite a famous person to her meal. There must be a disco ball in her dining room because John Travolta himself will be boogieing her way.

With 3 speakers, we were in for an action packed event. First was Phyllis, who gave us an impromptu speech about boomerang kids (they're back home after college).
Her evaluator was Jerry.
Next was shy Steve Boles who gave us the odds of being us rather than being struck by lightening or winning the lottery. If he fails to return, his ticket was 1 in a million! He was harassed, I mean evaluated by Richard.
Finally, I gave an abstract concept speech on customer service. For those of you brave enough to shop on Friday, fill out those surveys about the happy workers you encounter that day. My evaluator, mentor and friend was Mrs. Betty Walker!

John Shepherd brought some class to the day (we were lacking but boy did we laugh) by being our General Evaluator.

Best Table Topics -Mr. Salami, Alex Porter
Best Speaker - Shy Steve Boles
Best Evaluator - The Divine Betty Walker

Misc. Notes:

Our other guest was Rishi Narayan, whose favorite part of the meeting was watching Steve Boles!

Alex was congratulated on his District Level speech!

1 - 2 judges are needed at 7:00pm on Monday, December 5th for the 7th & 8th grade contest by the Soil & Water Conservation Group. See Joyce for details.

Matthew is planning a Youth Leadership Program and would welcome some support.

Yes Virginia, there is a meeting on Christmas Eve (voted at the meeting) so do let Phyllis know if you are not available to be on the schedule.

Do keep Jay and his family in your thoughts and prayers and have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving,

Your Pres. - Joyce

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goldmine Meeting Report

Goldmine Toastmasters:

With only eight members today, we managed a good meeting in front of THREE guests: Logan Burchette (who invited his friend, Nathan Taylor), and Karen Boothe. 

Many thanks to Al Minter, Toastmaster of the Day, who filled all roles despite low numbers. 

John Shepherd shared his thought for the day, even posting said thought on the lectern: "More Wag, Less Bark." 

Serena Haneline shared a joke, and Rajesh Gopalakrishna served as our timer for the first time, doing a fabulous job with no trip-ups! 

Betty Walker, serving two roles as Grammarian AND Table Topics Master, took off with the word of the day, "wrest," as she shared her very creative table topic questions. The theme was: It is 3011 and a time capsule has been opened from the year 2011. What were these items used for 100 years ago (in 2011)?

  • Shyam went first with his object (a mouse pad). However, he mixed it up and said it had to be something they moved furniture with! 
  • Then our guest, Nathan, had some insights into a paperweight with a Chinese symbol (something to store some kind of liquid, from another race, perhaps?)
  • Serena shared her thoughts on the words "Table Topics," which, according to her, was some archaic term used by the Toastmasters cult to describe impromptu speaking.
  • Karen, our guest, shared her thoughts on an interestingly shaped MP3 player. She said it must have been a tiny drum with a speaker.
  • Logan, our guest, had to describe a cassette case. As he took out the papers inside, he said they must have tied those papers to a tiny winged creature and the plastic case was where he was put (but it could have been a torture chamber for said winged creature). Hilarious!
  • Jerry shared his insight into why it was good for Concord for Big Foot to come through the town and rearrange the buildings and Scott Padgett, Concord's mayor, to be missing. He said it was good for taxes, as everything Scott does is good for taxes.
The winner of the Table Topics was Logan, our guest, who was absent when the awards were given. Nathan, his friend, took his award to give to him.

Our speakers for the day included Richard Archer, who spoke from CC #2, "Confessions of a Golfaholic" about the pros and cons of golfing. His evaluator was Shyam Narayan.

Joyce Preston spoke from AC, "Speaking to Inform," a speech titled, "Is Cursive Becoming a Curse?" Her speech wrested some strong opinions on whether or not school kids should or should not be taught cursive writing. Her evaluator was John Shepherd.

The Best Speaker Award went to Richard Archer.
The Best Evaluator Award went to John Shepherd.

Jerry Weikle evaluated our meeting as General Evaluator and Betty gave her Grammarian report, noting only our guest, Karen, who said the word of the day. 

All guests were interested in our meeting. Nathan came not even knowing exactly what kind of group he was coming to, until he read the newcomers packet and realized we were a speaking club! Karen said she would be back for sure! 

Joyce gave a reminder of an upcoming TLI in January that will be held at Cannon School in Concord (date and more information to come later). Also, can't wait to hear the results of the District 37 Humorous Speech Contest where Alex Porter is participating!

Our meeting ended a little late, but the "Ah" stick award had to be given out. Except today it was the "So" stick award as four members were caught saying that little word over and over. But no one said it quite as much as our beloved President, Joyce Preston! Congratulations on the "So" stick award!

**May want to give a note of encouragement to Jay Nodine, who is still ailing, and to Kim Jackson, who was in a car accident but has been "divinely" spared and is only suffering a broke rib and some soreness!

NOTE: Bill is Toastmaster next week, so check out the Nov. schedule Phyllis gave out and if you have a role, please confirm with him. Also, if you want a role, please let him know!

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    Saturday, Nov. 5 OPEN HOUSE

    Goldmine Toastmaster's Open House

    Guests: Logan Burchette and Doug Staucher

    Much thanks for Open House coordinator and Toastmaster of the day, Jerry Weikle! Great job making this day a success! 

    Joyce Preston started the meeting as Presiding Officer, followed by Sonny Tolbert who shared a Thought of the Day about the value of Toastmasters. 

    Richard Archer shared a joke, Insook Lee took on the role of Grammarian, listening for the word of the day, "decorum." Shyam Narayan rang the bell as the Ah Bell/Ballot Counter. And Bill Batterman took on the role of Timer. 

    Table Topics, led by Mr. "Ain't Right" Alex Porter, gave an array of table topic questions. The first speaker, Serena Haneline, talked about what Toastmasters has done for her. Rajesh Gopalakrishna told about an "act of kindness" he has experienced at Goldmine Toastmasters. Kim Jackson, the first "patient" at "Ain't Right Psychiatry," had to say what she saw in this picture. What she saw, a creature roaming about in her house, made her jump on her chair! Alex's second patient, John Shepherd, had to do the same, as the picture was turned upside down (or right side up?). His interpretation included a critter as well, except this one was in the woods and he and Richard were running away from it (John's goal being to stay in front of Richard!) 

    The winner of the Table Topics was John Shepherd.

    Matthew Charity shared his Toastmaster journey speech, aptly titled, "The Journey," to show the guests his anxiety when he first started Toastmasters and how it is indeed a journey to more confidence, better communicator and more! 

    Al Minter evaluated Matthew on this speech. Betty Walker evaluated the meeting as General Evaluator. Overall the meeting was a great success. Our guests were very interested and may return next week. Be on the lookout for them if you are present next week and make them feel welcome. 

    Reminder: Next week is the District 37 Fall Conference in Fayetteville, NC. Several of our members will be there, as will our Division Humorous Speech Winner, our very own Alex Porter! We wish him the best. 

    Al Minter is next meeting's Toastmaster. If you don't have  a role, please sign up for one by emailing Al this week!

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Oct. 29

    This week's meeting was small but fun, as usual!

    Shyam did a great job as Toastmaster, filling all roles with so few members.
    Phyllis not only was the Presiding Officer, she also shared a Thought of the Day and filled in as Timer.
    Al Minter shared with us a joke as Jokemaster. Grammarian for the day was Rajesh Gopalakrishna and Ah Bell/Ballot Counter was Jessica Keyes.

    Table Topics Master, Steve Boles, asked some diverse table topic questions:
    1- If $$ were no object, what kind of car would you drive? Al Minter told us either a Lamborghini (for speed and youth) or a Rolls Royce (as a symbol of wealth).
    2- What was your most memorable sports team-related memory? John Shepherd's answer was the Brooklyn Dodgers (a grassroots team that represents the masses).
    3- Dogs or cats? Which is your favorite and why? Jessica Keyes told us about her favorite, which is neither a dog or cat, but a skink (half lizard, half snake). Not "skank," but "skink"
    4- What would you like to protest and why? Shyam Narayan said he would protest taxes on lemonade stands via online blogs, Facebook, etc.
    Winner: Jessica Keyes

    Lee Johnson shared about his dog Harley in a speech evaluated by Mike Hall (first time evaluator) who did a great job evaluating Lee.
    Richard Archer's speech "The Few, the Proud..." the GPSless had us all in stitches. John Shepherd (who is "pro-GPS" evaluated Richard's speech.
    Best Speaker: Richard
    Best Evaluator: John

    Serena Haneline, General Evaluator, evaluated the meeting, suggesting that Table Topic Masters make sure they choose members with no roles or smaller roles first. 

    There were no guests. The "Ah" stick went to Mike Hall.
    Some business reminders:
    • Goldmine Pride Basket for Fall Conference (accepting contributions of materials or money (please bring to next meeting, Nov. 5)
    • Jay Nodine in hospital (NorthEast, Room #4444) He would love visitors!
    • Open House, Nov. 5. Invite people: We need to reach our new members goals for Distinguished Club!

    Saturday, October 22, 2011

    Saturday, October 22, 2011, at the Goldmine

    Kinetic: having much high-spirited energy. Our "Word of the Day" aptly described our meeting this morning! President Joyce Preston enthusiastically greeted 18 members, including our newest member, Rajesh Gopalakrishnan, who inspired us with his thought of the day.

    Alex Porter, fresh off his 1st place win at the Area 24 Humorous Speech Contest, took the reigns  as Toastmaster and capably led our meeting-- even while wearing mismatched socks.
    Jovial Joyce shared a joke which will make us all think twice about going to B-u-r-g-e-r K-i-n-g
    and Grammarian and Wordmaster John Shepherd introduced our word of the day, kinetic, which was communicated far more in our behavior than it was used in our sentences.  Jay Nodine handled the Ah Bell/Ballot Counting duties and Jerry Weikle manned the timing lights.

    Santa Sam Mullis focused on a different holiday with his table topics theme: Halloween. Based on their responses, it seems Sonny Tolbert needs no mask, Phyllis Kombol can't bear to cut in to an innocent gourd, Steve Boles is a personal friend of Dracula, Insook Lee is confident humor and fright don't translate across cultures, and Lee Johnston is not a fan (of Halloween).  

    We welcomed Al Minter back to our circle of friends and enjoyed his educational and inspirational speech, "Characteristics of Leaders."  Jessica Keyes and Mike Hall presented a tandem speech, working together to "Sell a Product," in this case, Lyndt chocolate. The speech and the samples were both outstanding!

    Betty Walker evaluated Al Minter; Kim Jackson evaluated Jessica Keyes, and Joyce Preston evaluated Mike Hall.  Wordmaster John Shepherd reported on the lack of use of our word of the day, but our stellar use other words and phrases. General Evaluator Shyam Narayan gave the meeting excellent reviews.  

    Everyone who participated in a timed role qualified for voting.  Ballot Counter Jay Nodine awarded Best Table Topics to Insook Lee; Best Speech to Al Minter; Best Evaluator to Joyce Preston and Ah Stick to Mike Hall.

    Shyam Narayan will be Toastmaster of the Day for our meeting on October 29th.  Please make every effort to support his leadership next week. Several members will be absent in order to attend the Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest which is being held in Hickory at 9:30 a.m.  Alex Porter will be representing Goldmine in the Humorous Speech Contest.  Sonny Tolbert will be "waiting in the wings" in case the first place winner in our area contest is unable to compete in the Evaluation portion of the contest. 

    Phyllis Kombol distributed fliers for our Open House on November 5th and encouraged each member to personally invite friends, co-workers, and family members as well as use emails and social media to get the word out so we'll have a good turn out of guests for our Open House.

    The meeting officially concluded at 10:06 a.m., but the kinetic conversation continued.

    Submitted by Kim Jackson using Jerry Weikle's meeting minutes.

    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    Saturday, October 15th at the Goldmine

    October 15th proved to be a fine time to have a Toastmaster meeting at the mine. Our visitors included Nikki Lee (2nd visit), Preston Porter (Alex's son) and guest (Courtney), and Christina Darnell, a freelance writer contributing to the Charlotte Observer. Kudos Matthew!

    Phyllis took the helm and introduced our Grammarian, Jerry, Ah Bell/Ballot Counter, Jay Johnson, Timer, Richard Archer, Jokemaster, Matthew Charity and Daily Thinker, John Shepherd. What a start!

    Jay Nodine strolled down (and up) memory lane as he presented Table Topics in a Timely
    Contestants Jay Johnson - What do you think of Daylight Savings Time? (winner)
    Jerry Weikle - Time Travels
    Nikki Lee - How do you find time?

    Rajesh entertained us with his Ice Breaker and Triple Play ( his life in India, Austrailia and USA)

    Serena vividly encouraged us to recycle as she completed CC #9 (they grow up so fast!)(Winner)

    Alex practiced his humorous contest, which really paid off as he took 1st place on Tuesday!

    John Shepherd and I, under the direction of our Master Evaluator, Betty Walker, evaluated Serena and Rajesh respectively. Everyone added tips to Alex's speech.

    The meeting closed as we bid a fond farewell to Jay Johnson (but not goodbye) who's flying south for the winter.

    Thanks for a SPOOKTACULAR meeting!


    Saturday, October 8, 2011

    Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Oct. 8

    Presiding Officer: Phyllis Kombol
    Toastmaster: Sonny Tolbert
    Thought of the Day: Serena Haneline
    Jokemaster: Jay Nodine
    Grammarian: Rajesh Gopalakrishna
    Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Matthew Charity
    Timer: Sam Mullis
    General Evaluator: Betty Walker

    Table Topics Master: Jerry Weikle

    FIRST TIME GUEST: Nikki Lee 

    Table Topics Theme: Events/Holidays
    1st Speaker: Jay Nodine - What does Columbus Day mean to you?
    2nd: Insook Lee - If you were a Canadian, how would you celebrate Thanksgiving?
    3rd: John Shepherd - Oct. 31 is Halloween, what costume are you going to wear?
    4th: Betty Walker - All Saint's Day: Who are the saints the day is named after and why?
    5th: Matthew Charity - If you won tickets to see the Saints vs. the Panthers, would you go?
    • Table Topics Winner: Betty Walker

    Prepared Speakers:
    1- Shyam Narayan: From Humorously Speaker AC, "How to Get that Elusive Meeting"
    2- Phyllis Kombol: From Entertaining Speaker AC, "ATC: The Techno Cat"
    • Best Speaker: Phyllis 

    1- John Shepherd evaluated Shyam
    2- Insook Lee evaluated Phyllis

    • Best Evaluator: John
    • Ah Stick Winner: Sonny Tolbert

    1. Reminder of Area Contest on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. at Cannon School
    2. Have two out of ten Distinguished Club Program Goals
    3. Nov. 5 is Open House: Invite a friend, coworker, etc.!! We need three new members!
    4. Reviewed next week's schedule: Toastmaster is Phyllis. If you can take a role, please contact her!


    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Goldmine Humorous and Evaluation Contest - Oct. 1, 2011

    Fellow Toastmasters;

    Bravo to one and all for a fabulous contest day at the Goldmine!  We were exhilarated, evaluated and entertained as Alex won top prize for the Speech Contest and Sonny won 1st place in the Evaluation Contest.  Kudos to Matthew (2nd place - Humorous), Joyce (2nd place - Evaluation), as well as to contestants Alex, and Bill (who will be giving tongue twister classes upon his retirement).

    Thank You - Jay and Betty - a punctual job well done

    - Serena and Rajesh - can't bribe these ballot counters 
    - Sam - Sergeant at Arms (Mae West would be proud)
    -Jessica - always ready lo lend a hand

    - Jerry - a 1st time judge who picked some great winners
    -John - a poised, polished and professional Toastmaster - a class act
    -Phyllis - Our Contest Master who certainly mastered the task at hand

    Special Mention to Saint Willie for her artistic talent and Jay for his guidance, leadership and overall dedication to Goldmine and life. We love you Nodines.
    Joyce Preston
    Goldmine President

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Sept. 24

    Members in attendance: Tony Hinson, Bill Batterman, John Shepherd, Betty Walker, Serena Haneline, Jerry Weikle, Insook Lee, Sonny Tolbert, Matthew Charity, Phyllis Kombol, and Sam Mullis
    Guest: Calvin Duncan
    New Member: Rajesh Gopalakrishna

    Presiding Officer: Phyllis
    Toastmaster: Tony
    Thought of the Day: Bill
    Jokemaster: Sam
    Grammarian: Calvin Duncan
    Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Insook
    Timer: Serena

    Table Topics Master: John Shepherd

    1.Bill Batterman: Why do married folks begin to look alike?
    2. Rajesh: Why does summer zoom by and winter drags on?
    3. Serena Haneline: Why does the line you get in seem like the longest?

    Prepared Speeches:
    1. Betty Walker: AC, Humorously Speaking "Big Hair, Polyester, and Bell Bottom Pants"
    2. Matthew Charity: AC, Entertaining Speaking, "The Post Office is Always Hiring"
    3. Sonny Tolbert: CC, 42, "Rosco"

    1. Phyllis evaluated Betty
    2. Jerry evaluated Matthew
    3. Sam evaluated Sonny

    All speakers and evaluators qualified

    BEST SPEAKER:Matthew Charity
    BEST EVALUATOR:Phyllis Kombol
    "AH" STICK: None

    Business Session:
    • Reviewed Humorous and Evaluation Contests agenda next week

    Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Sept. 17

    Accidentally skipped posting this week! Sorry!

    Members in attendance: Sam Mullis, Serena Haneline, Jessica Keyes, Mike Hall, Jay Nodine, Steve Boles, Jerry Weikle, Alex Porter, Joyce Preston, Sonny Tolbert, Insook Lee, Matthew Charity, Kim Jackson, Richard Archer, and Bill Batterman.
    Guest: Rajesh Gopalakrishna

    Presiding Officer: Joyce
    Toastmaster: Sam
    Thought of the Day: Alex
    Jokemaster: Richard
    Grammarian: Sonny
    Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Jerry
    Timer: Alex

    Table Topics Master: Joyce
    Theme: "You have Won a Nobel Prize!"
    1. Insook: Acceptance speech for Nobel Prize for tap dancing
    2. Rajesh: Acceptance speech for Nobel Prize for window-washing
    3. Steve: Acceptance speech for Nobel Prize for underwater photography

    Prepared Speeches:
    1. Serena: CC, #8, "How to Tackle Your Paper Mountains"
    2. Kim: AC, Humorously Speaking, "A Tale of Tea Bags and Toothbrushes"
    3. Mike: CC, #2, "RC Racing Is Fun"

    1. Richard evaluated Serena
    2. Matthew evaluated Kim
    3. Jay evaluated Mike

    Kim and Matthew were disqualified.

    BEST SPEAKER: Serena Haneline
    BEST EVALUATOR: Richard Archer
    "AH" STICK: Jay Nodine

    Business Session:
    • Reviewed contests (local, area, division)
    • Congrats on Bill Batterman's retirement
    • "Goldmineathon" - Need to raise funds to purchase a new banner with new logo (asking $5-10 a member)
    • Reviewed next week's schedule

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Goldmine Meeting Report - Saturday, Sept. 10

    This is quite late...I do need some help with posting the minutes on here, so if anyone is willing to help, please let me know!

    Members in attendance:
    1. Joyce Preston
    2. Phyllis Kombol
    3. Bill Batterman
    4. Insook Lee
    5. Sonny Tolbert
    6. Lee Johnston
    7. Jay Nodine
    8. Kim Jackson
    9. Serena Haneline
    10. John Shepherd
    11. Sam Mullis
    12. Jerry Weikle

    We had two guests: Laura Porter and Rajesh. 

    The roles:
    Presiding Officer: Joyce
    Toastmaster: Jerry
    Thought of the Day: Phyllis
    Phyllis shared a very poignant thought after revealing that a 19-year-old young woman she knew had died: "Stop living in a past that is gone and a tomorrow that is yet to come. Life is only this place, this time, this breath--right now. Cherish this day! We are none of us promised tomorrow."

    Ah Bell Ballot Counter:  Sam
    Timer: Jay
    Jokemaster: Kim
    Grammarian: Kim

    Table Topics Master: John
    Table Topics were centered on "USA Today" sections
    Table Topic Speakers:
    1- Lee Johnston: "Have you been tempted to run for office/which office?"
    2- Sonny Tolbert: "Are you worried, confident, or indifferent about the world economy?"
    3- Insook Lee: "Do you have a life secret or what keeps you motivated?"
    4- Rajesh: "How techie are you? Or are you stuck in the analog age?"
    5- Sam Mullis: "What is one subject you feel strongly?"

    Prepared Speakers:
    1. Joyce Preston: Spoke form "Speaking to Inform" Advanced Manual, #3, "Reading a Wine Menu."
    2. Laura Porter: Guest speaker from United Way of Rowan, "Times Two Mentoring" program

    1. Bill Batterman
    2. Phyllis Kombol

    Business Session:
    • Joyce gave reminder of email outlining the upcoming events/meetings
    • Reviewed next week's meeting roles
    Best Table Topics: Insook
    Best Speaker: Joyce
    Best Evaluator: Phyllis
    "Ah" Stick: Bill

    Meeting adjourned at 10:08 a.m.

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    Goldmine Meeting Report

    Guests: Lee Reith
    1. Serena Haneline
    2. Alex Porter
    3. Jerry Weikle
    4. Jessica Keyes
    5. Mike Hall
    6. Phyllis Hernandez
    7. John Shepherd
    8. Joyce Preston
    9. Bill Batterman
    10. Steve Boles
    11. Sonny Tolbert
    12. Insook Lee
    13. Jay Nodine
    14. Matthew Charity
    Presiding Officer was Joyce Preston
    Toastmaster: Serena Haneline
    Other Roles:
    Thought of the Day: Jay Nodine
    Jokemaster: Matthew Charity
     Timer: Insook Lee
    Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Joyce Preston
    Grammarian: Mike Hall

    Table Topics Master: Alex Porter
    Table Topics Contestants:
    Matthew Charity: Spoke on his (lack of) plans for Labor Day
    Joyce Preston: Spoke on what to tell an 18-year-old who is confused about whether or not to vote.
    Insook Lee: Spoke on an act of kindness witnessed (or not witnessed)

    Prepared Speakers:
    Bill Batterman: (A 5-7 minute speech from the “Speaking to Inform” manual. Title: “Which Card?”)
    Jessica Keyes: (A 10-12 minute speech from the “Speech by Management” manual. Title: “Let's Prepare for the Expo.”)
    Jerry Weikle: (A 5-7 minute speech from the “Competent Communicator” manual, Project #9. Title: “Help Cure Knock-Knee Syndrome.”)
    BEST SPEAKER: Bill Batterman

    General Evaluator: Phyllis Hernandez
    Steve Boles evaluated Bill Batterman.
    Sonny Tolbert evaluated Jessica Keyes.
    John Shepherd evaluated Jerry Weikle.
    BEST EVALUATOR: John Shepherd
    “AH” STICK AWARD: Bill Batterman

    Business Session:
    • Congrats to Matthew Charity on his performance at the Comedy Zone. 
    • Announcements: 
    1. Elder Orphan Care Christmas Shoeboxes (Serena). Kim Jackson's ministry, Elder Orphan Care, is collecting items for shoeboxes. For more information, email Serena.
    2. Bill Batterman's retirement service will be Sunday, Sept. 11. For more information, email Bill.
    3. Toastmasters at the Lake (Jessica) are in need of a target speaker for their evaluation contest on Sept. 22nd at 11:45 a.m.
    4. Olde Countrie Fair (Phyllis) will be at All Saints Episcopal on Sept. 10. For more information, email Phyllis.
    • Area Council meeting will be on Sept. 10 after our regular meeting
    • Sept. 15: PGT's open house
    • Oct. 1: Goldmine Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests
    • Oct. 18: Area Contest
    • Oct. 29: Division Contest
    • Nov. 12: District Contest (at Fall conference) 
    Meeting ended at 10:15 a.m.

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Goldmine Meeting Report

    Special thanks to Al Minter for taking the minutes at the Saturday, August 27 Goldmine meeting!

    1. Sam Mullis
    2. Shyam Narayan
    3. Alex Porter
    4. Jerry Weikle
    5. Jessica Keyes
    6. John Shepherd
    7. Al Minter
    8. Jay Nodine
    9. Brian Woolf
    10. Joyce Preston
    11. Insook Lee
    12. Matthew Charity
    13. Mike Hall
    Guest: Jeff Lippard from High Energy Toastmasters

    Presiding Officer was President Joyce Preston

    Toastmaster: Sam Mullis
    Other Roles:
    ·         Thought of the Day: Matthew Charity
    ·         Jokemaster: Sam Mullis
    ·         Timer: Jessica Keyes
    ·         Ah Bell/Ballot Counter: Joyce Preston
    ·         Grammarian: John Shepherd

    Table Topics Master: Mike Hall
    Table Topics Contestants:
    1. Al Minter: spoke for2:06 minutes on Plane or Train?
    2. Jeff Lippard: Spoke for 1:19 minutes on Where would you travel?
    3. Joyce Preston: Spoke for 2:12 minutes on Most memorable trip?

    Prepared Speakers:
    1. Shyam Narayan: (A 5-7 minute speech. Title: “The Door is Not Locked.” Time: 7:13-Disqualified) 
    2. Brian Woolf: (A 5-7 minute speech. Title: “Price of Success.” Time: 6:38 
    3. Alex Porter: (A 5-7 minute speech. Title: “Uncle Nal and His LET” Time: 4:28)
    BEST SPEAKER: Brian Woolf

    General Evaluator: Insook Lee
    1. Matthew Charity evaluated Shyam Narayan. Time: 2:13 
    2. Jay Nodine evaluated Brian Woolf. Time: 2:49 
    3. Jerry Weikle evaluated Alex Porter: Time: 2:53
    BEST EVALUATOR: Jerry Weikle

    “AH” STICK AWARD: Mike Hall AND Al Minter

    Business Session:
    •  Matthew Charity will be at the Comedy Zone on Tuesday, August 30 in uptown Charlotte. There is no admission charge.
    •  Humorous and Evaluation contests are approaching
    • Fall conference is Nov. 11, 2011 in Fayetteville, NC
    • Reviewed next week's schedule
    Meeting ended at 10:00 a.m.