Saturday, July 31, 2010

News from the Goldmine, July 31, 2010

"I do believe we are on a roll of delectation," quipped Betty Walker. The 18 Goldmine Toastmasters present this morning would whole heartedly agree that we lived our word of the day -- delectation: delight, enjoyment.

President Sonny Tolbert presided over what turned out to be a veritable laughing and learning lab. Sam Mullis, Thought of the Day presenter, challenged us with this profound statement: "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is facing some kind of battle." After the Pledge of Allegiance, Toastmaster of the Day, Bill Battermann, ACG, (A Classy Guy), announced his theme for the day, "Be Kind to Politicians," and we were off to the races....or polls!

Jokemaster Jennie Brasefield presented a compelling case for naming your dog something other than "Coldwater," and Wordmaster Phyllis Kombol enthusiastically introduced both her role and the word of the day: delectation. Richard Archer recognized each "ah" with a ring of the bell, and timer Al Minter kept the meeting on proper pace.

Betty Walker and her Table Topics participants nearly brought the house down with her excellent questions and their exaggerated responses. Let's just say that if a cheerful heart is good medicine, we all had our prescriptions filled today! Her theme, reminiscent of our recent Tall Tales Contest, was "Nothing But Lies." Richard Archer described his "Most Beautiful Day," with a fabricated fish tale; Beth Long had us all "in stitches" as she described the hearts she has broken (she and Freddie had matching freckles and buck teeth, by the way). And now we know that Shyam Narayan would reinvent himself as Ironman/Airforce fighter pilot if he left his current consulting career. Who knew? John Shepherd creatively invented a routine the husband of Oprah Winfrey. We were amazed to hear about Oprah's athletic prowess! Matthew Charity, who thought he had ordered cucumbers seeds, actually received magic beans, and my, the garden he grew! Too bad his Momma thought he was stealing veggies from the neighbors and gave him a spanking... (I hope you all are planning to compete in our upcoming Humorous Speech Contest on August 28th!)

We barely had a chance to catch our breath from all those giggles and guffaws when it was time to hear from our speakers of the day. Miles Moody presented a captivating speech entitled "Nature's Angels," from the project "How to Say It." His word pictures were outstanding as was his use of simile and metaphor. Well done, Miles! And we're glad you're taking aim with camera now, not a shotgun!

Kim Jackson's presentation was "Speaking Off the Cuff," from the advanced manual "Specialty Speeches." This project required her to give her evaluator, Alex Porter, five general topics from which he chose one for her to use for the theme of her speech. Kim developed a thought-provoking presentation from the word "time."

After a brief recess, our evaluation process began with Master Evaluation Lee Johnston leading the charge. Joyce Preston gave an encouraging and helpful evaluation of Miles Moody's presentation. Alex Porter evaluated Kim Jackson's presentation and made several good points worth noting. Instant evaluation is one of the best things about Toastmasters, so thank you, Evaluators!

During the Wordmaster's report, Phyllis Kombol, (who likes to play with words, especially polysyllabic ones) referenced a wonderful resource: the Visual Thesaurus. She also reminded us that in our journey to become better communicators we need to listen for times our tongues become lazy.

During the business portion of our program it was decided to hold our Humorous Speech/Evaluation Contest during our regular club meeting time on Saturday, August 28. If you would like to compete or participate in other ways, see Sonny, Jay or Joyce.

Kim Jackson will be Toastmaster of the Day for our next meeting, August 7th. If you have not confirmed your role, please do so as soon as possible. If you are giving a prepared speech, please send Kim the details of your speech: title, time, manual, project number, goal, whether you need the lectern or not, etc. It looks like a great line up!

Richard Archer concluded today's meeting by announcing that Beth Long won for Best Table Topics, and received the Ah Stick as well. Joyce Preston won Best Evaluator and Kim Jackson as voted Best Speaker.

Thanks to all for another great day in the Goldmine!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

News from the Goldmine, July 24, 2010

Rookie Jerry Weikle hit a grand slam his first time at bat as Toastmaster of the Day, and his 15-member team followed suit for a winning meeting of the Goldmine Toastmasters. The playing field was in great shape thanks to co-Sgt-at-Arms, Jennie Brasefield and Lee Johnston, and after President/Coach Sonny Tolbert welcomed members and guests, Jennie led off with a profound thought of the day: "There's a time to live and a time to die; and it's not what you know, but who you know."

Coach Sonny tactfully tongue twisted his way through his joke, while VP of E/Assistant Coach, Joyce Preston, warmed us up with the word of the day: altruism (unselfish concern for others). Pinch hitter Richard Archer ably filled in as "catcher" of the ahs and the ballots. Timer/Scoreboard keeper, Insook Lee, overcame early technical difficulties and rallied to keep us on time and track.

Pitcher/Table Topics Master, Alex Porter, threw a few wild ones before finding his zone. Insook Lee took a swing at his challenge: "What's the most altruistic name you can think of....for a dog?" Serena Haneline hit it out of the park with "If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?" Bill Batterman hit a line drive over our heads with his response to "If Goldmine Toastmasters went to Ripley's Believe it or Not, who would they keep?" Kim Jackson followed with a long fly to centerfield, almost to the garden with all the tomatoes she referenced when Alex asked her to describe the best way to eat that summertime treat. Last up in the Table Topics inning was Richard Archer, whose crafty bunt brought Shyam/Jake home for the tying run and a memorable way to remember names....maybe.

Next up were the heavy hitters/prepared speakers. Shyam Narayan, spoke from an Advanced Manual, project number 5, "The After Dinner Speech." He knocked it out of the park with his presentation "Top Five Signs You Might Be in a Worthless Meeting," while giving his team plenty of corporate cliches to chew on. Clean up batter Fred Biggers took care of business by bringing culture in to play with his excellent interpretive reading of "The Merchant of Venice," his project number 4 from an Advanced Manual.

After the 7th inning stretch, Toastmaster/Manager Jerry introduced Master Evaluator/Umpire Sam Mullis to give his take on the game so far. Sam's excellent advice included the challenge that everyone on the team should be able to score by giving a winning introduction at a moment's notice. It was also noted that it is of utmost importance to enunciate our words and project our voices in order to properly communicate with the entire audience.

Next in the line-up, Evaluators/Scouts Lee Johnston and Al Minter gave some colorful play by play on what they saw as the positives in Shyam's and Fred's performances as well as suggestion for improvement.

It proved to be a victorious day in more ways than one for the Goldmine Toastmasters when guest Serena Haneline announced that she wants to join our team! And she has already volunteered to help write this blog--thank you, Serena!

Area 35 Governor, Kim Jackson, asked that the Goldmine team reach out to other Toastmaster Teams in our area to ensure that all will succeed this season. She also announced the Area 35 Humorous Speech/Evaluation Contest will be held Tuesday, September 28 at 6:30 p.m. at PGT in Salisbury. Winners of our Goldmine club contest will represent us there.

Speaking of winners, today's scoreboard shows that Richard Archer won best Table Topics; Shyam Narayan was awarded Best Speaker, and Al Minter came out on top as Best Evaluator. Richard did not "catch" a single "AH", so no tongue depressor was awarded today--another victory for our exceptional team!

Bill Battermann is Toastmaster for our July 31st meeting. Be sure to confirm your place on the team with him early this week!