Sunday, June 13, 2010

News from the Goldmine, June 12, 2010

Presiding officer, President Kim Jackson called the June 12th meeting to order and welcomed guest Lisa Trickey, who was invited to attend by member Jerry Weikle. Kim introduced the Thought of the Day presenter, one of the original Jackson Five (herself). She quoted two sources of ancient wisdom: the Old Testament and Victor Borge, in her thoughts about the wonders of laughter.

Professor/Toastmaster Insook Lee then took the helm and guided the Goldmine group through a great meeting. Jokemaster/Stand-Up Comedian Bill Battermann shared a laugh and insights in to his social life. Wordmaster Sam Mullis introduced word of the day, "artifice:" inventiveness, cunning, ingenuity. Ah Bell/Ballot Counter Phyllis Kombol and Timer Jennie Brasefield explained their roles before Rajnish Sharma introduced his table topics, which all related to the oil spill crisis. Lee Johnston, Betty Walker, Sonny Tolbert and Jay Johnson responded with thoughtful ideas and solutions, making the club wish THEY were in charge, not those presently trying to figure out what to do.

In the prepared speech portion of the program, Alex Porter spoke from an advanced manual, the project being: making a cold sales call. His speech was entitled "Looking a Little Squirrely," which he delivered with his usual wit, as well as with able role play assistance from Phyllis Kombol. Mr. Wonderful Jay Nodine delivered an entertaining, humorous and thought-provoking speech, "The Learning Years."

Master Evaluator Mile Moody called upon Jerry Weikle and Joyce Preston to evaluate the prepared speakers, which they did quite capably, pointing out what was well done as well as offering suggestions for improvement. Wordmaster Sam reported that the word of the day was used twice...and once was when he introduced it. Perhaps we can work the word artifice into our conversations throughout the week. Miles gave a "two-thumbs-up" overall evaluation of our meeting, a designation that he deserved as Master Evaluator as well.

During the business section of the meeting, the new officer nominations submitted by the executive committee were approved by club vote:

President - Sonny Tolbert

VP-Ed. - Joyce Preston

VP-Membership - Phyllis Kombol

VP Publicity - Matthew Charity

Secretary - Jerry Weikle

Treasurer - Jay Nodine

Sgt-At-Arms - Lee Johnston - Jennie Brasefield

Webmaster - (Appointed) - Shyam Narayan

It was noted that Kim Jackson and Matthew Charity will serve as Area Governors for the upcoming year.

The recipient of our 2010 Community Leader Award will be Nancy Litton. She will receive her award at our annual banquet, Saturday, July 17 at 6 p.m. at McCabe's Restaurant. Please RSVP to Jay or Kim if you will be attending. Cost is $19.

Our annual Tall Tales/Homemade Ice Cream Contest will be held July 10 in place of our regular club meeting.

Ballot Counter Phyllis presented the following awards:
Best Speaker: Jay Nodine
Best Evaluator: Joyce Preston
Best Table Topics: Betty Walker
Ah Stick: Raj Sharma

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