Saturday, May 29, 2010

News from the Goldmine, May 29, 2010

Toastmaster Al Minter, dressed appropriately in red, white and blue, led 16 Goldminers through a great Memorial Day weekend meeting full of trivia and tribute. Presiding Officer Kim Jackson welcomed "adopted member," Jay Johnson, as well as Division C Governor, Ken Miller.

John Shepherd challenged us with this thought of the day: "We were given two ends: one to sit on and the other to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most." Jokemaster Kim Jackson humorously encouraged great speakers to "lose all their marbles," and Joyce Preston introduced forte as the word of the day. Timer Alex Porter dismissed with formalities and just did his job. Sonny Tolbert served as our "A, B, C, 1, 2, 3," Ah Bell/Ballott Counter.

Table Topics Master, Matthew Charity, asked Jerry Weikle what type of award he might create and award if given the opportunity, so if you ever hear of the Walker Award, Jerry gets the credit. Sam Mullis decided to bring George Washington back to life and ask him a few questions about his relationship with the media. If you watch American Idol next season, be sure to look for Jay Johnson getting his 15 minutes of fame, either as a contestant, or more preferably, as Simon's replacement!

In the prepared speech portion of the program, Sherman Greer presented his second speech and masterfully explained the state of our economy and our part in making it healthier: spend money! Speaker 2, Lee Johnston, presented his speech "Harley and Me" from the Entertaining Speaker, Advanced Manual, "Leave Them Laughing" project. Every time we hear thunder from now on we'll know that Lee is dealing with a 40 pound lapdog.

After a break, Master Evaluator Tony Hinson, capably filling that role for the first time, called upon Shyam Narayam to evaluate Sherman's speech. Shyam crafted a helpful evaluation, praising Sherman for his use of visuals and knowledge of his subject, and giving useful pointers for improvement. We agreed with Shyam that we should all boost the economy by determining to eat ice cream every day!

Jay Nodine presented his evaluation of Lee's speech and noted that although Lee did not elicit belly laughs, his presentation was light-hearted and memorable. He encouraged Lee to use body language when appropriate and praised him for the humorous elements of his speech.

Joyce Preston, Word Master, applauded the club for using "forte" 6 times and challenged us to work that word in to our everyday conversations this week. She also noted unique and creative uses of the English language by our members and guests, and cautioned us to be mindful of using less-than-professional verbage.

Master Evaluator, Tony Hinson, gave an over all evaluation of our meeting, noting that we kept on task after starting a mere one minute late. Tony reminded speakers to get all information to the Toastmaster of the day so that he/she can give a proper, informed introduction.

Presiding Officer Kim Jackson asked guests Jay and Ken for comments. Jay commended our use of the agenda and praised the fact that no changes had to be made at the last minute on it. Ken, who was making an official club visit as a Division officer, said it's always good to be at a Goldmine Toastmasters meeting.

In club business, we were reminded to send our nominations for the Communication and Leadership Award via email to all current members by Monday evening, May 31. We will hold a club vote on June 12, and the award will be given July 10 at our annual awards banquet.

Nominations for 2010/2011 Club Officers are complete and will be presented to the membership for their approval. Officers will be attending TLI East next Saturday. Goldmine Members Matthew Charity and Kim Jackson will be serving as Area Governors for the upcoming year.

Sonny Tolbert presented the following awards: Best Table Topics Speaker: Jay Johnson; Best Speaker: Sherman Greer; Best Evaluator: Shyam Narayam; and Ah Stick Award: Sherman Greer,.

Thanks to John Shepherd for taking on the Toastmaster role for June 5. With all officers attending TLI we need all members present and accounted for next Saturday! Determine that Goldmine Toastmasters is your forte! (an activity that one does with excellence)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

News from the Goldmine, May 22, 2010

(Thank you to Toastmaster of the Day, Betty Walker, for providing today's News from the Goldmine).

Presiding Officer Joyce Preston opened today's meeting and Alex Porter presented the thought of the day. Miles Moody served as Wordmaster, looking for uses of the word "scour", among other notable words and phrases. Al Minter handled the timing as well as the ah and ballot counting.

Table Topics Master, Jerry Weikle, presented "race-themed" questions as follows: "What would you serve as food and drink at a tailgating party?" (Raj Sharma); "What would you do if given a free ticket to the big race?" (Insook Lee); "What would you say to Bruton Smith if you met him coming out of the bathroom?" (Miles Moody); "Would you run to your car after the race is over or wait till the crowd left?" (Alex Porter).

Prepared speakers were Shyam Narayam and Fred Biggers. Shyam spoke from an advanced manual, "The Entertaining Speaker." His project was "Resources for Entertainment," with a speech titled "Thank the Assistant and Drink Black Coffee." Fred also spoke from an advanced manual, "Communication on Television," and his project was "When You are the Host." Fred conducted a television interview with Alex on his TV "show:" Cabarrus Spin with Alex Porter.

Joyce Preston served as Master Evaluator, and Insook Lee and Miles Moody evaluated the prepared speeches.

The winners were:

Best Speaker – Shyam

Best Evaluator – Miles

Best Table Topics – Alex

Ah Stick – Raj

Business and Events:

Community award nominations are due May 31

Toastmasters Leadership Institute June 5

Tall Tales & Ice Cream Contest – July 10, 9:00 a.m.

Awards Banquet and New Officers Installation – July 17, 6:00 p.m.

Al Minter will be Toastmaster for next week’s meeting. Be sure to confirm your role with him for the May 29th meeting early this week so he can plan accordingly for a GREAT day in the Goldmine!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

News from the Goldmine, May 15, 2010

It was a great day at Goldmine Toastmasters, and not just because we got to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jay Nodine!

Toastmaster Sam Mullis and Presiding Officer Kim Jackson led us through 90 minutes of laughter and learning. Alex Porter presented an inspiring thought of the day, while Betty Walker may have involved up to a third of our members in her joke! Wordmaster Phyllis Kombol was on the lookout for "utopia," as well as clever phrases, of which she spotted a few. Table Topics Master (and Birthday Boy) Jay Nodine called on Alex, Phyllis, Jerry and Betty and each enlightened us on a variety of topics.

In the prepared speech portion of our program, Raj Sharma (and the Tortoise and the Hare) inspired us to greater teamwork, while Joyce Kalinowski-Przybyszewski-Preston entertained and informed us about her "Big Fat Polish Wedding." Fred Biggers and Kim Jackson evaluated Raj and Joyce, providing both kudos and recommendations.

Master Evaluator, Lee Johnston, provided an overview assessment of the day's meeting before Ballot Counter, Jerry Weikle, presented Best Table Topics Award to Betty Walker; Best Speaker to Raj Sharma, Best Evaluator to Kim Jackson and the coveted Ah Stick to Fred Biggers.

Betty Walker will serve as Toastmaster for our next meeting, May 22. Be sure to confirm your role with her in a timely manner this week!